Zoetic Ramps Up Fight Against Global Climate Change

Helping Global Businesses and Communities Make a Positive Environmental Impact

WASHINGTON, May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Zoetic Global, a solutions provider co-founded by internationally recognized environmentalist Jerome Ringo, Chairman, and CEO Avery Hong, is ramping up its mission to fight climate change with tangible solutions for businesses and communities around the world.

Zoetic’s portfolio of technologies is vast and its innovative refrigerants’ projects in the United States, Asia, Middle East, and Africa are especially well-positioned to make an important impact. Working with Zoetic, companies can save 20-40 percent on their energy bills and receive carbon credits based on sensor’s precise monitoring of their HVAC systems. Global cooling is a key target as air conditioning needs are projected to triple by 2050 as a result of warming and the growing middle class in Asia and Africa.

More broadly, Zoetic is working with technology and strategic partners to deliver critical energy, water, and food technologies to areas of greatest need around the world. Specific initiatives include providing access to hydrokinetic, wind and solar power, energy efficiency technologies, and systems for supplementing electrical supply and infrastructure in remote areas. Current installations are located at public and private facilities including government buildings, school districts, hospitals, data centers, entertainment facilities, and corporate offices.

“Uninterrupted access to electricity and other basic needs is a prerequisite to economic growth, resilient communities and increasing quality of life. The planet is starting to understand the consequences of using fossil fuel sources. We know we have to change our perspective on energy production and consumption in short order if we are to keep a habitable planet for future generations to come. Zoetic’s clean-technology solutions are making a difference,” said Hong.

Zoetic Global embodies Jerome Ringo’s life’s work. Prior to founding the company, he led two of the world’s largest environmental organizations, the 6M member National Wildlife Federation and the 19M member Apollo Alliance. After years of advocacy work, he realized the imminent need for direct involvement and formed Zoetic to directly tackle issues such as energy security.

“Our team is committed to protecting the Earth’s natural resources, improving the quality of life for generations to come, and leading the world through today’s turbulent times. In order to accomplish our mission, we help companies and countries deal with climate change and weather the storm with the ultimate goal of promoting better health and greater opportunities for education, economic growth, and prosperity. Essentially, our international network brings technology solutions to leaders in the developing world who require renewable energy solutions to further their economic and social development,” Ringo said.

Ringo is widely recognized for his role in former Vice President Al Gore’s Academy Award-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. In addition, he co-authored two books: Diversity and the Future of the U.S. Environmental Movement and The Green Festival Reader. He is also a board member of Ocean Biomedical.

About Zoetic Global

Zoetic is a minority-owned solutions provider focused on delivering critical energy, water, and food technologies to areas of greatest need. Working in conjunction with its technology and strategic partners it has assembled a compelling portfolio of now solutions for now problems. Zoetic means, “of or pertaining to life.” It embodies the dedication of its Co-Founder and Chairman, Jerome Ringo, who has been a leader in the climate movement for two decades. Zoetic is focused on the inclusion of areas of the world disproportionately impacted by climate change. Zoetic believes that critical solutions exist and require a next level commitment by leaders to implement them.

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