APPETIZER HACKATHON 2022 Comes to a Successful Conclusion

  • APPETIZER HACKATHON 2022, the second year of APPETIZER HACKATHON, comes to a successful conclusion with the award ceremony
  • Multiple noteworthy business models developed using outstanding API of South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global Online Hackathon – APPETIZER HACKATHON 2022 hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and Korea Foundation for Cooperation of Large & Small Businesses, Rural Affairs and organized by NAVER Cloud and Korea Software Industry Association has concluded after approximately six weeks with the final award ceremony which was held on November 30.

This year marks the second year of the APPETIZER HACKATHON 2022, and it featured approximately 30 participant teams consisting of local developers, startups, and university students in Southeast Asia, with each participant team utilizing the outstanding API provided by ten API companies in South Korea to develop various business models.

Final rankings for top 8 teams were determined from the final presentations judge by the panel of judges consisting of API experts. Team Bruschetta consisting of university students from Indonesia, has won this year’s global hackathon event and took home the grand prize of USD 5,000.

Team Bruschetta, the winner of this year’s event, applied the subscription management and solution API from STEPPAY as their main API, and utilized Langcode CXP, a conversational AI that provides personalized questions and responses, as their secondary API to develop a service named ‘SMEEMS’. SMEEMS is a service that allows management of an individual’s subscription concerning billing amounts with just a single click for customers. It is expected to bring convenience for customers with its chatbot functions and one-click solution while delivering increased sales and improved brand awareness for small and medium enterprises.

Team COOKIE, second place winner of this year’s event, utilized the USIGN API, an international standard digital signature solution from Korea Corporation Security (KCS), to develop the eco-friendly app ‘SWIPE’, where NGOs and users can report environmental issues without separate documentation and received many positive reviews. And for Team CODER, another second-place winner, utilized Pcanpi API from Data B, an automated English revision service, to develop ‘KIDSLINGO’, a toy for children that provides English grammar revision services, has received the audience’s attention.

Also, Team D2HD, joint third place winner of this year’s event, utilized the real-time Twitter scraping API of Hash Scraper to develop ‘Getgoing’, a search engine service for small and medium venture companies, and Team SanSan Tech’s powerful digital assistant ‘EVE’, developed using the Global Market Scraping API from Lamy Solution and Langcode CXP, a conversational AI providing personalized questions and responses, have also garnered attention from the audience. ‘VegVault’, a food ordering service that assists corporate employees with the management of healthy food consumption while also effectively dealing with climate change, developed using the EcoLoop API from Hana Loop and the subscription management and solution API from STEPPAY, were also successful in garnering attention.

The first-place team at the hackathon was given a prize of USD 5,000, the two second-place teams were each given a prize of USD 3,000 and the five third-place teams were each given a prize of USD 1,000. All teams that participated throughout the whole hackathon program schedule were also given USD 500 as a participation prize.

This year’s APPETIZER HACKATHON 2022 was held to promote and secure potential global users of API Marketplace. It served as an event to showcase the superb APIs of South Korea to the global market. You can experience these superb APIs of South Korea at‘.

SOURCE KOSA(Korea Software Industry Association)

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