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Best smart light bulbs for Google Home 2021: Philips, Lifx, and more

Best smart light bulbs for Google Home 2021: Philips, Lifx, and more

If you’re looking to bolster your smart home with smart bulbs, utilizing Google Home compatibility is a tempting proposition for those of us with Android phones or other Google compatible devices, i.e. pretty much everyone. Equipping your home with a smart lighting system that offers voice controls and the ability to manipulate your lights far more efficiently than through conventional means is great, but where do you begin?

It feels like there are countless different smart light bulbs out there, all offering different features from Amazon Alexa support to Apple HomeKit compatibility or simply the ability to change the color temperature at a moment’s notice. To help narrow things down, we’ve taken a look at the very best smart bulbs for Google Home and the Google Home app, offering you voice command support so you can “speak” to your lighting system. While it might seem like something expensive and substantial such as the Philips Hue bulb system is the solution for everyone, it’s possible to implement smart lighting on a tight budget providing you know where to look.

In which case, we’ve focused on how well the smart bulbs listed here work, whether they work as white light or as a form of color bulb, as well as looked for support for a light strip or motion sensor too. It’s all about mood lighting after all and these smart light bulbs will make you wonder how you lived without them.

While you’re thinking about making your home smarter, now is also a good time to think about what to buy from the best smart plugs too. A good quality smart plug will automate many tasks so you can set up schedules for all manner of devices and we’re not just talking about a smart switch or lighting either. Combine it with the best smart speakers out there and you’ll hardly ever need to go near your smartphone if you want to adjust things at home. The future is super convenient like that once you get things set up.

What is a smart bulb?

A smart bulb is an intelligent form of light bulb. Don’t worry — that doesn’t mean it’s sentient! What it does mean is that you can use it like a regular light bulb, but it’s capable of communicating with other devices within your home, either via the internet or via your home network. By doing so, you can control more than just whether you have a white light or not. You can choose different color schemes, set up schedules, and even arrange it so that your lights come on at the same time as other gadgets. Even better, you can do all this via voice commands thanks to Google Home support.

Why should I care about smart bulbs?

We’re not saying everyone has to be crazy about smart bulbs but they’re incredibly convenient once set up. Via apps like the Hue app or your voice, you can easily manipulate how your lights work at home with a smart light switch also an option for the more tactile approach.

Smart bulbs tend to come with many useful features such as the ability to emit different colors or tones, as well as allowing you to dim them to the level you want. Think of them as a souped-up version of lights you already own with the convenience that comes from being able to wander around your home speaking to the lights rather than needing to find a switch. How useful could it be to walk into a dark room and talk your way out of the situation?

Do I need a hub to use smart bulbs or a smart lighting system?

By using Google Home for your smart home, you basically already have a smart hub. That’s because Google Home Hub aims to control everything in your home in a simple to use and understand way. At heart, many smart bulbs and smart lighting systems don’t require a dedicated hub to work so you won’t need a separate device to pair up with it, but it’s worth checking before you hit the buy button. There are pros and cons to systems like Philips Hue requiring a separate bridge while other light bulbs go solo and simply hook up to your existing Google Home Hub.

How long does it take to set up my smart light bulbs?

Smart lighting takes a bit of setup time but, generally, it’s pretty easy to do. Some smart light bulbs and Bluetooth bulbs only take seconds to set up with your existing set up while others might take more like 10-20 minutes. Your mileage will vary depending on your plans. If you simply want to pair up your lighting and use voice controls, the process is far quicker than if you also want to spend some time arranging schedules, setting up smart light switches, or even working out automation between multiple devices at once. As always though, it’s a good idea to devote some time to it so you get things set up just how you want them to be. Generally, the more you plan, the better results you gain from your smart light bulbs.

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