BMOXI, the Self-Care Super-App for Gen Z Girls, Tackles Teen Topics Head-on with a New Approach

–App designed by teens; advice and information delivered through teen ambassadors; oversight and direction from experts– 

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif., May 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BMOXI, the self-care super-app for Gen Z girls, has launched today, the start of Mental Health Awareness Month (#BreakTheStigma), providing an anonymous forum for Gen Z girls to discuss important teen-related issues, find valuable information and address adolescent hurdles before they become major life challenges. 

Designed with extensive teen input, the platform will rely on teen and college aged BMOXI Ambassadors to deliver information and insights via the mobile application as well as their social media channels, where teen girls consume most of their information.  Experts including school counselors and adolescent psychologists were consulted during the design of the app to validate the model and ensure accuracy of information.

“The goal is to meet girls where they are and encourage early intervention on a number of topics – from a fight with a friend to bullying to navigating romantic relationships,” said Shawn Haydel, CEO of BMOXI, who created the app with her 16-year-old daughter after finding a gap in the market. “What’s unique about this app is that the information is delivered by someone teen girls trust and relate to —a girl just slightly older than they are.”

“We are currently faced with the biggest teen mental health crisis this country has ever witnessed,” said Dr. Sharonne Herbert, Pediatric Psychologist at Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). “Typically, help is provided by healthcare professionals, but we know that’s not always the first place teen girls go for advice. Providing a community early on can serve as a preventative measure that could reduce the likelihood of worsening problems. Although other apps address mental health concerns once they’re interfering with daily life, very few attempt to prevent the issue altogether.”

“Prevention and early intervention are key; however, many teens don’t receive the support they need due to the stigma around mental health,” said Lila Samia, Ph.D., Licensed Educational Psychologist. “Social media may be an effective way of reducing stigma and encouraging youth to seek out mental health support, which is why I am so hopeful about BMOXI.”

“According to federal surveillance estimates, up to one in five youth suffer from a mental health disorder in the United States, 1.1 million high school students attempt suicide each year, and 45% of children have had a potentially traumatic experience,” continued Dr. Samia. “Additionally, a larger percentage of youth struggle with mental and behavioral health problems that don’t meet the criteria for a disorder yet significantly undermine their ability to manage their feelings and behavior, form interpersonal relationships, and achieve success in school.”

With the tagline “because confidence is your best fit + always,” BMOXI is upbeat, positive and speaks the way Gen Z girls do, making self-care easier with features and tools to help fuel their confidence, “boss up” their thoughts, take control of their life, and “level up” their happy vibe. MOXICASTS, short audios with advice “for you to crush it in every category of life,” cover topics like confidence/self-love, friends/frenemies, social life, body image/appearance, emotions, motivation, dating, stress/anxiety, fitness/health, family, identity/sexuality, and school.

Realizing that it takes a village to support any community, BMOXI will be partnering with like-minded brands that are meaningful to Gen Z girls because they promote a female-forward healthy lifestyle that emphasizes self-care, self-love and body positivity.

The minimal viable product (MVP) version of the BMOXI app is available at the Apple and Android.  Early user experience data will be used to create future versions of the app.


BMOXI is the self-care super-app for Gen Z girls designed with extensive input from teens and driven by heavily screened BMOXI Ambassadors, older teen and 20-something young women who share BMOXI content through the mobile app as well as their social media channels.  BMOXI was created by Shawn Haydel and her 16-year-old daughter after realizing the need for such an app.  Unlike other teen apps that are largely driven by parents or healthcare organizations, BMOXI addresses topics and utilizes features which teen girls specifically requested. For more information, please visit BMOXI.


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