Carbontech Innovator Phil De Luna Joins Deep Sky as Chief Carbon Scientist & Head of Engineering

MONTRÉAL, Aug. 3, 2023 /CNW/ — Deep Sky, a Montreal-based venture commercializing carbon removal and storage solutions at scale, has hired Phil De Luna, PhD as Chief Carbon Scientist and Head of Engineering. A world renowned scientist and carbontech innovator, Phil has dedicated his career to developing solutions to fight climate change. In his new role, Phil will be instrumental in realizing Deep Sky’s ambitions to become the world’s first gigaton-scale carbon capture company.

Most recently, Phil served as a highly sought-after Sustainability Expert at McKinsey & Company where he helped solve the industry’s hardest decarbonization problems. With a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering and a Masters in Chemistry, he has published over 50 papers in high impact science journals in the fields of CO2 conversion, hydrogen, and AI for materials discovery. He’s a Governor General Gold Medal-winning scientist, a member of the Royal Society of Canada, and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Toronto. Phil also serves on the board of Carbon Management Canada, a carbontech non-profit, as a startup mentor at Creative Destruction Lab, and was a finalist in the $20M Carbon XPRIZE.

Recognized as the top 0.1% in his field by Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers, in 2019 Forbes named Phil to its 30 Under 30 list for his work converting CO2 and other chemicals into clean fuels. Also in 2019, he was the youngest-ever Director at the National Research Council of Canada where he built and led a $57M collaborative research program on Canada-made transformative technologies to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. In 2021, he ran to become a Member of Parliament for the Green Party of Canada in the 2021 Federal Election to bring more science to politics.

“The monumental job of reversing climate change requires the world’s top minds,” said Fred Lalonde, Deep Sky Co-Founder. “We’re serious about building gigaton-scale carbon removal infrastructure at hyper scale and speed, and Phil is the carbontech scientist who can get it done. His scientific and research background, combined with government and consulting experience, makes him the right person to help us deliver high quality carbon credits to forward-thinking companies and governments that are ready to reverse their carbon footprint.”

“Climate change is too big a problem and too immediate a threat for inaction,” said Phil De Luna, Deep Sky Chief Carbon Scientist & Head of Engineering. “I recognized the need to use my skills to make a direct impact and put real skin in the game. My goal at Deep Sky is to find, develop, scale, and deploy breakthrough technology to pull CO2 from the sky and ocean, at the lowest energy cost, as quickly as possible. It’ll be my life’s work to not only reduce climate change, but help reverse it.”

Deep Sky is working to build large-scale carbon removal and storage infrastructure in Canada. Acting as a project developer, the company is bringing together the most promising direct air and ocean capture technologies to deliver the largest supply of high quality carbon credits to the market. Powered by renewable energy, Deep Sky’s facilities are strategically located in Quebec, a region with an abundance of hydroelectric power, immense wind power potential and a vast territory with the rich geological makeup required for carbon capture.

This work requires all hands on deck. Deep Sky is assembling a world-class team of engineers, designers, climate tech partners, and policymakers who believe in making the impossible possible. Interested parties are encouraged to send resumes to

About Deep Sky:

Montreal-based Deep Sky is building the world’s first gigaton-scale carbon capture company, aiming to remove billions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere and permanently store it underground. Deep Sky brings together the most promising direct air and ocean carbon capture companies under one roof to bring the largest supply of high quality carbon credits to the market and commercialize carbon removal and storage solutions like never before. For more information, visit:


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