AI Applied in Hopes of Speeding COVID-19 Vaccine Supply

AI is being applied to the supply chain software for COVID-19 vaccine distribution in hopes of finding a fair balance on the path to herd immunity. Applying AI to COVID-19 vaccine distribution involves separate issues in the supply chain: demand forecasting, supply chain management, quality assurance, and monitoring of adverse events. The way in which … Read more

Companies to adopt tools like AI-powered Virtual Assistant

    Change is inevitable, and it offers immense opportunity to develop new and innovative things. Now, most individuals and enterprises are shifting from a touch user interface to a new-age voice command (intelligent digital and virtual assistant). The time virtual assistants came into existence, they (virtual personal assistants) are limited to personal use. With … Read more

What is an Edge AI?

What is an Edge AI

What is Edge AI / tinyML? Edge AI means that AI algorithms are processed locally on a hardware device. The algorithms are using data (sensor data or signals) that are created on the device. A device using Edge AI does not need to be connected in order to work properly, it can process data and … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Sales can Improve your Team’s work

Artificial Intelligence in Sales can Improve your Team’s work

The sales department is undoubtedly an essential part of any organization. Without the salespeople, deals can’t be closed. Period. It’s clear that sales processes need to be efficient, so you can utilize the time of your representative the best you can – and yet, so many companies fail to create good processes that will be … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: What’s In Store For 2021?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) What’s In Store For 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is influencing the future of virtually every industry and each person on the planet. Artificial intelligence has been set up as the primary driver of growing technologies, for example, robotics, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Moving into 2021, Artificial Intelligence will keep on going about as a principle technological … Read more