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For the Quarter Ending September 2023

North America

In the third quarter of 2023, CoQ-10 prices in North America, particularly the United States, exhibited a continual decrease but showed a modest upturn towards the quarter’s end. The initial half of Q3 witnessed a significant drop in CoQ-10 prices across the United States due to reduced local interest and a slowdown in trade momentum. This decline was influenced by both diminished buyer interest and an overall reduction in trade activities. Despite this, merchants maintained sufficient inventory to meet demand during this period. The market faced additional challenges with record heat in July, following the hottest June, compounded by El Nino’s impact, resulting in land and ocean heat, marine heatwaves, and disrupted global climate conditions, including in North America. These climatic challenges raised concerns among market players about potential damage to their end-products. As a result, transaction activity remained low, prompting merchants to focus on destocking their CoQ-10 inventory at lower prices. However, there was a slight improvement in prices as September approached, driven by continuous consumer demand and higher regional inquiries, particularly from the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. CoQ-10 queries from these sectors bolstered the supplements market in the country. Additionally, rising freight costs contributed to increased import prices, affecting the CoQ-10 market in the United States. Considering the prevailing conditions, suppliers are expected to reduce their inventories in the upcoming period.

Asia Pacific

In the Asia Pacific region, the CoQ-10 market in the first half of the third quarter of 2023 began on a challenging note, with inquiries dwindling both domestically and from overseas. China faced the harsh impact of summer weather, enduring scorching heatwaves and unprecedented monsoon rains, prompting authorities to warn of more to come. Consequently, trade momentum from China plummeted, leading to a sharp decline in CoQ-10 prices. Additionally, merchants had surplus inventory, causing CoQ-10 prices in the Chinese market to drop. Manufacturers responded by focusing on reducing existing stock levels due to the ongoing decline in global inquiries, resulting in an excessive surplus. The approach of Golden Week holidays in China further compounded the situation, as suppliers and manufacturers anticipated temporary shutdowns and reduced labor, potentially affecting trade momentum. However, as September approached, CoQ-10 prices stabilized in the Chinese spot market. This stability was due to a consistent increase in inquiries from both the domestic market and overseas orders. Furthermore, continuous production activity and moderate stock availability characterized the local market. The imbalance between supply and demand prompted local market participants to replenish their inventory levels in response to the sustained rise in demand.

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In the first half of Q3-2023, CoQ-10 values saw a decrease of over 6%, a trend that persisted until mid-quarter. This downturn was fueled by reduced consumer demand in various end-user sectors and suppliers meeting local demands using their existing CoQ-10 inventories. Unfavorable market conditions resulted from declining demand for various goods and services, including CoQ-10, amidst the recent global economic slowdown. The downstream end-user sector experienced decreased demand, while the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and dietary markets remained weak. The German logistics market suffered from a sharp drop in demand for warehousing and logistics space, attributed to disruptions in the supply chain, surging energy costs, and economic uncertainties. The global economic downturn negatively impacted logistics services demand, as companies hesitated to invest in new ventures or expand operations amid uncertainty. However, the CoQ-10 market in Germany showed a steady increase throughout September 2023, compared to the previous month’s trend. One of the primary reasons for this slight uptick in CoQ-10 prices in Germany during September 2023 was the interplay between supply and demand dynamics. Additionally, a temporary production slowdown was anticipated in China, the world’s leading exporter, due to upcoming events such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day holiday, disrupting the momentum of the supply chain in both domestic and international markets within the exporting region. Nevertheless, merchants held ample inventories to meet arriving inquiries in the region.

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