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For the Quarter Ending September 2023

North America:

During the third quarter of 2023, the Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) market in North America witnessed fluctuations in pricing trends. Initially, prices saw a decline, followed by stabilization in August before experiencing another dip by the end of September 2023. July witnessed a consistent drop in prices due to oversupply and reduced imports from major exporting countries like South Korea and Canada, both key IPA suppliers to the US. The decrease in demand was a consequence of economic challenges faced by the US and the global surge in inflation. The US manufacturing PMI fell to 49 in July, indicating a decline in both domestic and international demand, leading to a reduction in new orders. As mid-Q3 approached, IPA prices stabilized due to increased consumption in pharmaceuticals, solvents, and other industries, balancing out with domestic merchants’ stockpiles. Despite this, input costs rose for the second consecutive month, with output prices witnessing their fastest rate of increase in four months. Despite the higher costs, they were passed on to customers. Although factory input prices remained moderate initially, they began to show signs of a turnaround. However, in September, IPA prices dropped again, influenced by sluggish demand, high raw material costs, and ongoing supply chain disruptions. Despite ample local supply and weak trade orders, market prices continued to decline, although the price of propylene in the upstream market increased.

Asia Pacific:

In the third quarter of 2023, Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) prices in the Asia Pacific region initially followed a downward trend until August, after which they showed improvement. The initial decrease in prices was attributed to a narrow gap between supply and demand, contributing to the stabilization of prices in the region. Moreover, demand from several importing countries, including China, India, Thailand, and the USA, continued to decline, resulting in weaker trade activity and additional downward pressure on prices in July. The market benefited from lower upstream propylene costs during this period. Exports experienced a significant decline, marking the tenth consecutive month of decrease, primarily driven by weakened demand for semiconductors and declining chip prices. South Korea’s factory activity also weakened in August, extending its ongoing slump, largely due to falling export orders according to a private business survey. Although external conditions showed gradual improvement, uncertainty persisted regarding the Chinese economy, with concerns about potential negative impacts from real estate issues on domestic demand. Additionally, lower overseas market orders contributed to the downward price trend. As September began and the third quarter concluded, IPA prices increased by nearly 15 percent. This price surge was attributed to a significant uptick in the price of upstream propylene, primarily driven by a substantial increase in the price of crude oil. Furthermore, there was robust demand for both feed propylene and downstream Isopropyl Alcohol from various industries, while the supply struggled to keep up. Import costs of propylene from Asian markets, particularly China, also played a significant role in influencing the overall price trend.

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In the third quarter of 2023, market sentiment for IPA in Europe was varied. Prices consistently dropped in July, aligning with the preceding month’s trend. Both domestic demand and international inquiries for IPA continuously decreased, leading to surplus stockpiles among domestic merchants and weakening the market. Additionally, France’s exports to neighboring countries also declined steadily, contributing to a fragile price trajectory for Isopropyl Alcohol. The global economic slowdown further dampened IPA demand. However, inventory levels for downstream IPA and its raw materials were sufficient to meet demands for the month. The supply chain improved slightly, resulting in a minor increase in import activities. Despite ongoing efforts to clear work backlogs, output volumes declined rapidly. In August, France’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose to 118.87 points from 117.71 points in July, indicating a 1.0 percent monthly increase in August, compared to a 0.1 percent rise in July. However, inflation decreased for food, services, and manufactured goods. Moving into September 2023, IPA prices experienced another decline after a modest increase in the previous month. Market players were offering their supplies at discounted prices to clear existing stocks, as limited bidding for new stocks and weak trading activities from end-users forced producers to reduce costs. Additionally, IPA consumption decreased with sluggish momentum in trading activities.

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