CreativesAtWork and Lyte Join Forces To Revolutionise Freelancing in Singapore

  • The strategic partnership between CreativesAtWork and Lyte promises to empower freelancers by ensuring prompt payment, promoting wealth growth, and encouraging financial stability.

SINGAPORE, Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CreativesAtWork, a freelancer-led creative agency, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Singapore-based financial solutions provider Lyte. This collaboration is set to empower freelancers to excel in their creative pursuits while securing their financial futures.

Under this collaboration, freelancers affiliated with CreativesAtWork can leverage LytePay, Lyte’s all-in-one financial management platform tailored for freelancers. Put simply, freelancers can spend less time on administrative submissions and grow their income with up to 6% cash rewards.

“At CreativesAtWork, we always ask ourselves how we can provide our freelancers with a more stable and meaningful freelance career,” said co-founder Jayce Tham, Chief Business Woman of CreativesAtWork. This collaboration is poised to empower the freelancer community by offering them the financial stability they deserve and the resources to build thriving businesses. “Together with Lyte, we can supercharge our freelancers’ careers to build viable businesses.”

“In our early days, we focused our resources on sourcing jobs for our freelance community. But now, we will pivot toward building sustainable and scalable businesses for our freelancers,” said co-founder Fanny Tham, Chief Worker at CreativesAtWork.

“This partnership will provide their community of freelancers with access to similar financial services and tools as SMEs and enterprises. We believe this allows them to manage and grow their income more effectively.” said Vincent Ha, CEO of Lyte.

Accelerated Payments and Income Growth Opportunities for Freelancers

The roles freelancers play has undergone a significant transformation today. Freelancing is no longer about offering professional services; freelancers are expected to wear multiple hats and take on diverse responsibilities to enhance their value propositions. “Freelancers often find themselves stepping into the shoes of business advisors, providing valuable guidance and making strategic recommendations to their clients,” said Jayce Tham.

“Freelancers often grapple with the burden of chasing overdue payments, diverting their focus from their core work,” shared Fanny Tham. “Addressing the issue of delayed payment is a crucial step towards fostering a more equitable and sustainable freelancing environment.”

Freelancers looking to grow their income can leverage LytePay’s Boost feature. Boost gives freelancers up to 6% cash rewards on their income, allowing them to grow their cash flow with no strings attached.  

“Boost’s rewards are up to 6% and this makes it an attractive option for freelancers looking to maximise their earnings. Another key feature is ‘Advance,’ which gives freelancers the flexibility of getting paid instantly, saving them 30 to 45 days of waiting for their payment after the job is done,” said Andrew Wong, Head of Platform Services at Lyte.

This dual benefit of accelerated payments and income growth positions the partnership as a pivotal stepping stone towards freelancers’ comprehensive success.

Fostering a Stronger Freelancer Community

By offering a comprehensive ecosystem of support, the partnership aims to foster a thriving community of freelancers who can realise their entrepreneurial dreams.

“We seek to build a sustainable ecosystem that empowers freelancers to do their best work without worrying about administrative tasks. A freelancer’s flexibility is a strength that benefits both the freelancer and the client. Since 2016, we have been providing training workshops to upskill our freelancers and hone their strengths,” said Jayce Tham.

Freelancers, solopreneurs, and creative minds seeking holistic support and growth opportunities are invited to join the Freelancer Nation.

Jayce Tham added: “We will continue investing in our freelance community, supporting the training and upskilling of freelancers and leveraging innovative technology to build a strong and forward-thinking creative community where freelancers support freelancers.”

Annex A: About CreativesAtWork and LytePay

About CreativesAtWork

CreativesAtWork [“CAW’] is a Singapore-based, full-service creative agency that links progressive clients with a curated network of freelance creative professionals who cover every consumer touchpoint including digital, social, mobile, broadcast, print, events, and out-of-home advertising.

Launched in 2012 with the aspiration to help its network of freelancers get more jobs in the film and broadcast sector, CAW has grown into an ecosystem comprising original content creation, project management and training. With more than 1,500 curated freelancers across various creative skill sets , CAW has completed over 3,000 projects worth more than $12 million.

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About Lyte

Passionate about the future of work, Lyte is a tech company that is committed to support freelancers and solopreneurs with the best solutions so that they can do their best work and run successful businesses. Lyte’s product, LytePay, offers freelancers seamless access to their outstanding invoices and a suite of features that allows them to have better control of their finances. Since 2017, Lyte has managed over $750M income and served more than 10,000 users in Singapore and Malaysia. LytePay is a Major Payment Institution licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Annex B – Freelancers’ Testimonies

Hear from the freelancers in Freelance Nation:

1.  Tan Jaz-Ley

Jaz-Ley is a freelance digital marketer and has been working with CreativesAtWork since 2018, managing various clients’ social media projects.

Why freelancing?

Freelancing empowers me to produce my best work for causes and businesses I believe in. I work best with people passionate about what they do and looking to scale with digital marketing! I am a go-getter, open-minded, keen learner & eager in personal development. So far, I’ve worked with B2C companies in travel, public service, finance, interior design and F&B. I pride myself in having a good work ethic and having the responsibility to give my best work for each project. My expertise includes Social Media Management, Copywriting, Paid Ads (FB & Google), Branding with fundamental skills in design and video editing.

What’s it like working with Freelancer Nation?

As a freelancer, time is money, and every minute spent on unfamiliar grounds is a minute I could spend developing my business. Freelancer Nation provides me with the resources that I otherwise would have trouble or spend copious amounts of time researching and I’m grateful that the team at CreativesAtWork is always so supportive of my growth and success.

2.  Tay Kai Wen

Kai Wen is a freelance designer working with CreativesAtWork since 2022 on multiple projects. Kai Wen just started freelancing in 2021. He is proficient in Product Design, Graphics and Social Media Design, Web UI / UX Design. He has worked on various projects such as Web Design, Graphic and Social Media Design, and even Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What’s it like working with Freelancer Nation?

Through Freelancer Nation, I was linked with Mentor Desmond for a 1-to-1 in-person mentorship session. Desmond is very experienced and helpful. He puts me at ease to share with him my questions and concerns. Our session was easygoing as Desmond shared his relevant experience of starting as a freelance designer, and we had many common topics to talk about. His sharing made me more motivated and excited about my journey ahead.

Desmond guided me on how to position myself to reach my target market. He helped to clear my doubts about what I should do next. Through his guidance, I developed a detailed action plan that I needed to do before our next mentorship session. I am glad I have a mentor to help me move forward and guide me. This mentorship program has helped me gain confidence, and I now have a clearer view of what I should do next.

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