Element United: Pioneering Global Decarbonization Efforts

LEHI, Utah, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Element United, a trailblazer in green tech and software solutions, proudly announces its active participation in High-level Inter-Ministerial dialogues across North America, Africa, and SE Asia, which will strengthen global decarbonization cooperation, mitigate global food system emissions, and restore mined land.  

Recent carbon campaigns criticized for greenwashing reveal a gap in uniting global stakeholders. Element’s innovative approach to the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) aims to connect community leaders, environmental advocates, agronomists, landowners, and investors in support of carbon emission reduction initiatives.  

Scott Lomu, Element United Founder and CEO, emphasized the need for transparent, collaborative efforts across the nexus of Environmental, Social, and Governance factors, stating, “Green tech innovation spurs economic growth and draws vital international investments for climate resilience, but effective carbon trading hinges on informed partners and stakeholders.”  

Acting on Lomu’s direction, the inspiring speed with which the team at Element leverages green tech innovation consistently receives positive feedback. Various stakeholders, leaders, advocates, innovators, scientists, landowners, and even global investors have joined Element United’s product and impact initiatives to progress toward sustainability while significantly contributing to global carbon offsetting efforts.  

Element United’s President, Chris Williams, offers, “Element quickly leverages innovation to build green tech solutions and fuel economic growth, creating positive, country-specific results.” That innovation, he says, “strengthens foundational climate goals while developing essential environmental, social, and governance programs in line with the UNSDGs using a bottom-up, top-down approach.”  

Element United’s multi-pronged product launch began this year. Feedback will guide future projects in similar contexts. 

Website: ElementUnited.com  

About Element United: A leader in green tech, Element United’s mission is to decarbonize and rehabilitate the planet. The company offers products and services for collaborative tokenized carbon solutions and global sustainable growth. 

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