EMEET Launches 360 Conference Camera & 2 Brand New Products at CES 2023

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the vane of the global consumer electronics market in the coming years, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which will open in Las Vegas, USA, from January 5 to January 8, 2023, will become the largest in its 56-year history. As an attendee, people will be amazed by innovations in artificial intelligence technology, virtual reality, robotics and consumer technology products filled with the latest transformative technologies, as well as new categories: NFT, food technology, space technology and more.

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), is considered the Super Bowl of global consumer electronics and consumer technology and is the international consumer technology show. A gathering place for those who thrive in the industry.

This time, EMEET is exhibiting again at CES, and it is evident that the algorithm and software behind it can improve the user experience and efficiency of consumer electronics. These algorithms, software and products are integrated, optimizing the user experience in places where users cannot perceive. The advancement of artificial intelligence technology determines the extent to which they can “humanize” care or respond to human needs and commands so that users can feel the temperature of technology to the greatest extent.

It is known that EMEET will continue focusing on its flagship product at this CES exhibition and will also give consumers a comprehensive understanding of it from the appearance, function, and design concept behind it. This flagship product is EMEET Meeting Capsule. This product is an All-in-one high-end conference device integrating an exclusive brilliant 360° flip lens, 8-microphone array, Hi-Fi speakers and exclusive audio and video algorithms, aiming to provide a perfect one-stop-shop for online/remote conference solutions.

From the appearance, the flip camera subverts the proportion and shape of the traditional conference all-in-one device. It creates a simple and technologically integrated form with the ultimate subtractive design. The overall body is slender, and the upper part is equipped with an innovative flip camera to facilitate the presentation of 360° panorama strips; the lower part is the speaker cavity, and the textures are full of metal technology.

Also, it has three changeable lens modes, and the three lenses correspond to five conference modes.

  • When the camera is fully upward, that is, the camera is 360°, it can correspond to two conference modes: collaboration mode and lecture mode. The most significant feature of these two modes is that the lower half of the screen will present a panorama of the meeting room, and the speaker’s image will also appear on the upper half of the screen. This is EMEET’s exclusive AI algorithm, which is captured and presented perfectly according to the sound. Animate the face of the speaker so that the remote team on the other end can see their face immediately, recreating the face-to-face interaction for an immersive meeting experience.
  • When the camera is facing forward, that is, when the camera is 180°, the corresponding conference modes are classic and lecturer modes. The classic mode uses a 180° angle of view to restoring the scene of the current meeting truly; the speaker mode can be understood as a “selfie angle of view”. Although the lens is 180°, in the speaker mode, the angle is only 60°. Users will see a little background of themselves and behind them, which is convenient for them to communicate with others without being disturbed by the surrounding environment.
  • When the lens is facing down, that is, when the lens is at 0°, the corresponding mode at this time is the privacy mode. In this mode, the other party cannot hear the voice and image on user’s side, which is suitable for the intermission of large meetings.

It is easy to find that EMEET’s products contain the design concept behind them. The three lenses and five modes are set in consideration of the needs of various groups of people. The 360° meeting panorama bar, AI portrait tracking and image presentation also consider the inability to accurately identify the speaker in today’s remote meetings, which makes the meeting lack some real sense of participation, etc. After considering many humanistic factors, EMEET combines its software algorithms to integrate all of them into one product, constantly examines products from the perspective of users, and continuously optimizes the user experience.

Upcoming Product: EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro

There is not too much information on the Meeting Capsule Pro just yet, but based on current information, the Meeting Capsule Pro not only has all the key features from the Meeting Capsule but more.

Some new features include:

  • 4k Dual Camera Stitching.
  • 10 Microphones.
  • 15W Hi-Fi Speaker.
  • Wireless Connection Available.

There are more brand new features that haven’t been said, but let’s save the best for the CES 2023.

Upcoming Product: EMEET StreamCam One

EMEET’s first ever self-created streaming camera is suitable for various streaming platforms such as Facebook Live, Twitch, Youtube Live, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Three cameras can be bluetooth connected and display 3 different angles at once. Stream your story anywhere with the EMEET StreamCam One. More key features will be displayed at CES 2023.

The CES event will open soon, and EMEET will head back to Las Vegas again with a much larger booth and more advanced technology and products to showcase to the world. Driving change in essential areas, challenging the status quo, driving innovation, and providing multi-scenario conference solutions, is the way EMEET is moving forward.

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