Empowered by Technology, HUIDA TECH Provides A Strong Driving Force for The Development of Smart Agriculture in South Korea

JINJU, South Korea, Oct. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Heilongjiang Huida Technology Co., Ltd. (“HUIDA TECH” for short), China’s leading manufacturer of agricultural drones, tractor autopilot systems and intelligent water-saving irrigation systems, worked with the staff of South Korea’s Cheonpoong Co., Ltd and its dealers in Jinju and Jeongeup to conduct smart agricultural machinery product demonstrations for the personnel of agricultural machinery agencies and related civil servants. The product demonstrations include 408 Beidou navigation agricultural machinery autopilot systems and HD540Pro agricultural drones, offering a feast of agricultural achievements of science and technology. The presentation fully demonstrated the intelligence, accuracy and reliability of HUIDA TECH’s agricultural machinery and received unanimous praise from on-site personnel. It also made more people realize the important epochal significance and social value of modern agricultural construction, and provided new ideas for the intelligent development of Korean agriculture.

Huida Tech and Cheonpoong Co., Ltd. Collaborate to Revolutionize Agriculture in South Korea.

Leading the development of smart agriculture with scientific and technological innovation

HUIDA TECH has been deeply involved in the agricultural field for many years. It provides agricultural production and operation entities with more efficient, self-developed, intelligent agricultural machinery, which covers the entire process of plowing, planting, managing and harvesting, changing the traditional agricultural plant protection method from the source,  reducing production costs and improving operating efficiency.

HUIDA TECH’s 408 Beidou navigation agricultural machinery autopilot systems have high adaptability. Through high-precision positioning, inertial navigation, automatic control and other technologies, it can improve operating accuracy, efficiency, land utilization, and significantly increase output and economic benefits.

HUIDA TECH’s HD540Pro agricultural drones have stable and comprehensive performance and are easy to operate. The separation of human and pesticide and the precise pesticide dosage control can not only reduce costs, but also further protect farmers’ lives safety and environmental protection.

HUIDA TECH’s intelligent water-saving irrigation systems promote the integrated transformation of water and fertilizer based on the original irrigation network of the farm. Customers can manage the farm intelligently, information-basedly and timely through mobile APP or PC platform and improve farm management efficiency and return on investment effectively.

HD540Pro Agricultural Drone Spraying Application Scenarios

Expanding global markets with high-quality technology and services

In order to promote the continuous development of agricultural production intellectualization, HUIDA TECH constantly improves its R&D and production systems and builds a global sales and service network.

As an enterprise that develops intelligent equipment covering the whole process of field agricultural production, HUIDA TECH focuses on the combination and application of new information technology and traditional agriculture, and relies on its strong R&D capabilities and supply chain advantages to promote and implement global agricultural intelligence. “As a part of the global strategy, HUIDA TECH will continue to explore the Korean market. In the future, it will layout 60 outlets and is expected to cooperate with 500 agricultural cooperatives and dealers so as to gradually realize the refinement, high efficiency and greenness of agriculture and ensure the safety of agricultural products, the improvement of agricultural competitiveness and the sustainable development of agriculture.” said Jack Ren, Overseas Sales Director of HUIDA TECH.

HUIDA TECH has always taken technological innovation as its core competitiveness, and driven by this, it continues to improve and iterate all kinds of intelligent agricultural machinery products, share new intelligent agricultural technologies with global users, and empower the global agricultural market through products and technologies. Besides, with online remote video support and offline local services and landing support, HUIDA tries its best to meet customer needs and protect the rights and interests of every user openly and transparently.

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