EVE Energy Celebrates Milestone with One Millionth 4695 Cylindrical Battery

Xu, Yaqin, Deputy General Manager of Product Quality Department at EVE Energy, Reveals the Story Behind the Millionth 4695 Cylindrical Battery Roll-out

JINGMEN, China, July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EVE Energy Co., Ltd. (EVE Energy), a leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer and energy storage solutions provider, celebrates the successful production of its one-millionth 4695 cylindrical battery. This achievement represents a major milestone for the company and highlights its pivotal role in driving the development of the industry as a whole. EVE Energy marked the event with a sharing session led by Ms. Yaqin, Deputy General Manager of 4BU Product Quality Department at EVE Energy. She shared the story of the company’s development and its path to producing 4695 cylindrical batteries.

The production of one million 4695 cylindrical batteries signifies a remarkable accomplishment for EVE Energy and serves as a true testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Currently, EVE Energy has successfully launched their production line for these exceptional batteries, making history as the first company in China to do so. The battery’s exceptional performance has garnered recognition and anticipation from various industry events, further highlighting EVE Energy’s impressive accomplishments.

“The successful production of one million 4695 cylindrical batteries is a testament to our dedication and expertise,” stated Ms. Yaqin, during an interview as she expressed her excitement about the achievement. “This milestone not only demonstrates our ability to meet the demands of the market but also symbolizes our ambition to become the leading manufacturer in China.”

EVE Energy 4BU No.14th Factory, where Xu Yaqin works, took on the task of manufacturing 4695 cylindrical batteries. The goal is to realize the mass production of the first generation of 280Wh/kg 4695 cylindrical lithium battery products. During the interview, she further elaborated on the production process, focusing on No.14th factory as an exemplary case.

EVE Energy is currently mass-producing 4695 cylindrical batteries at significant volumes on their assembly line. The process of scaling up production for these batteries presented several challenges due to the lack of mature technology and reference models for their assembly. However, the company overcame these obstacles through relentless efforts and independent research and development, resulting in a cost-effective production line.

During the development of the 4695 cylindrical battery production line, Ms. Yaqin acknowledged the challenges faced due to the lack of mature technology and reference models. However, EVE Energy’s dedication to cost-effective and efficient solutions allowed them to successfully develop their own production line at a low cost.

Yaqin has personally set an example of a learning leader. Graduated from Wuhan University majoring in English, she is not only a management consultant and intermediate economist but also has passed the examinations of psychological counselor, project management PMP certification, quality management black belt certification, and national registered quality system auditor. She not only has excellent professional knowledge but also mature management ability, excellent communication ability, and affinity, which led the team to make a great contribution to secure the winning of the over 100 billion RMB orders in its Jiangmen’s production base.

The company’s No.14th, No.34th, and No.44th factories have experienced continuous growth and achievements, with the No.14th factory serving as EVE Energy’s first 4695 cylindrical battery factory and setting the standard for sustainable, zero-carbon emissions throughout the entire life cycle. (No.34th & No.44th refer to the other two new 4695 cylindrical cell factories.) With a planned capacity of 21 GWh and an investment of 3.83 billion-yuan, No.14th factory has successfully mastered key technologies related to 4695 cylindrical batteries, leading the global production of¬†4695 cylindrical batteries. The invaluable partnership with BMW has further reinforced EVE Energy’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

For more information about EVE Energy, please check EVE’s official website¬†https://www.evebattery.com/en.

About EVE Energy

Founded in 2001 and listed in Shenzhen in 2009, EVE Energy has developed into a global player in the market, providing core technologies and comprehensive solutions for both consumer and power batteries, especially regarding the Internet of Things and the energy internet. Currently, EVE Energy has set up a research institute with 60 doctors and over 4,190 interdisciplinary R&D engineers in materials, electrochemistry, structure design, and electronic circuit design, obtained over 5,900 national patents in China. The company launched a carbon reduction roadmap with a series of low-carbon reduction efforts in energy use, the manufacturing process, the supply chain, and resource management, and was named a “National Green Factory”. Meanwhile, EVE Energy leverages its BIM technology to provide accurate and reliable data for project management, saving a total of 2,533 tons of standard coal and reducing 16,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

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