Green Science Alliance Has Developed Water Base 100% Nature Biomass Nail Polish, Nail Color Which Does Not Come Off Even After Washing

KAWANISHI-CITY, Japan, July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Environmental problems caused by population explosion such as climate change, natural resource depletion, water shortage and plastic pollution are getting severe in the world. Regarding plastic pollution issue, micro-plastics, nano-plastics are already in our human body. Therefore, plastic recycling, reduction of plastic usage itself, and biodegradable plastic applications are intensively carrying out, especially when biodegradable plastic or chemical products are made from nature biomass resources, that can contribute to reducing CO2 emission too.

This time, Dr. Ryohei Mori at Green Science Alliance has developed water based nature biomass nail polish, nail color which does not come off even after washing.  In general, water based nail polish is weak and can come off easily when washed.  But this product has strong adhesion ability to nails.  On top of that, when this product dries up after coating on the nail, the whole component will become 100 % nature biomass composition, no petroleum.

The main component is water and nature resin. Toxic components (toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, synthesized camphor, triphenyl phosphate, parabens, xylene, styrene acid, oxybenzone 1,2,3, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, butyl hydroperoxide etc.) which is usually used in normal petroleum derived organic solvent based nail polish, is not contained.  Odor is not strong and nail-coated feeling is lighter than organic solvent based normal nail polish.

One cannot remove easily with water and general remover (usually acetone) which is also harmful to nails.  However, you can remove with ethanol (alcohol) instead.  Developed products have the tendency to become two layers separated status in nail polish container although you can use them by shaking before use.  They are working to suppress these two layers separation issue, but do not affect much to its painting and decoration property on nails. 

Green Science Alliance has already developed nature biomass biodegradable nail tip, fake nails and one can combine these 2 items together, to enjoy ultimately environmentally friendly nail fashion products. 

Green Science Alliance has blue and pearl green in colors at the moment and they will increase more color variations soon.

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