H Cycle Appoints Brandon Cowart as its new CEO and Heath DePriest to the Board of Directors

Cowart to Lead H Cycle’s Innovative Production of Low-Carbon Hydrogen that Uses Diverted Organic Waste from Landfills

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — H Cycle, an innovator in renewable hydrogen production, announced today the appointment of energy veterans Brandon Cowart as chief executive officer and Heath DePriest to the company’s board of directors. H Cycle specializes in employing an inventive waste processing system and thermal conversion to harness post-recycling organic waste materials, diverting them from landfills.

An accomplished energy executive with over 27 years of experience, Cowart brings a wealth of knowledge, boasting a proven track record of delivering exceptional results and maximizing value creation for shareholders. His strategic vision and established leadership skills will guide H Cycle in achieving its long-term strategic objectives.

Cowart’s transition from his previous role as chief executive officer at Evolution Midstream, LLC to the helm of H Cycle, LLC reflects his exceptional understanding of strategic development, commercial activities, and a history of successfully executing large capital projects, positioning him as an ideal leader for the organization.

“Amidst the ongoing transformation of the nation’s energy sector, I am thrilled to lead H Cycle as we produce renewable, low-carbon hydrogen through an innovative process that redirects organic waste away from the landfill,” said Brandon Cowart, CEO of H Cycle. “We are not just innovating and reshaping the landscape of sustainable energy production, we are actively contributing to the realization of a cleaner, greener planet and enabling the country to help meet our stated goals in emissions reduction.”

H Cycle’s process is instrumental in generating low-carbon hydrogen to fuel emission-free medium- or heavy-duty truck fleets. Positioned as a trailblazer in the development of low-carbon hydrogen production facilities, H Cycle’s visionary approach includes projects across the western United States and a flagship hydrogen production facility currently under development in Pittsburg, California.

“With a wealth of knowledge amassed through years of dedicated involvement in the energy sector and a steadfast commitment to driving the clean energy transition, Brandon Cowart stands out to lead H Cycle at this transformative time,” said Jeff van Steenbergen, H Cycle Board Member and Managing Partner of Azimuth Capital Management. “Cowart’s extensive background not only reflects an understanding of the intricacies of the energy market but also underscores his passion for sustainable and environmentally conscientious practices.”

DePriest, currently serving as chief operating officer at Braven Environmental, an advanced recycling company, recently joined H Cycle’s board of directors. Before his role at Braven, DePriest held several senior executive positions at Phillips 66, most notably as Vice President of Renewable Fuels where he spearheaded the establishment of an Emerging Energy department within the company. Under his leadership, the Emerging Energy group created partnerships with companies developing sustainable energy solutions, such as low-carbon hydrogen infrastructure.

“Throughout my three-decade career, I have always been drawn to innovative solutions to critical issues. Nothing is more critical now than making the energy transition a reality,” said DePriest. “I look forward to working with the board, Mr. Cowart, and the H Cycle team to deliver on the promise of a more sustainable future through the company’s innovative process of turning waste into low-carbon hydrogen.”

In April 2023, H Cycle concluded Series A funding, which was led by Azimuth Capital Management’s Azimuth V Energy Evolution Fund and ENEOS Innovation Partners LLC. The Series A funding round was a significant step for H Cycle in advancing low-carbon hydrogen projects and contributing to global efforts toward a more sustainable and low-carbon energy future. H Cycle has also recently concluded a Series B funding round.

About H Cycle

H Cycle produces renewable, low-carbon hydrogen using an innovative waste processing system and thermal conversion, redirecting municipal and organic waste away from the landfill. The company’s principles include: 1) recycle what is recyclable; 2) divert local, non-recyclable waste away from landfills – avoiding harmful methane production; 3) extract renewable hydrogen to decarbonize local and regional transportation, reducing local air emissions. The Company has multiple projects in development in the western US. H Cycle’s corporate investors include Azimuth Capital Management, ENEOS, and the Larsen-Lam Climate Change Initiative.

For more information, visit www.hcycle.com


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