Inbound Appointment Setting Service – Now on Belkins

KYIV, Ukraine, April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Belkins, a top-ranked B2B lead generation agency with over 200K appointments delivered and over 990 successful customers, is about to offer a new set of business-boosting services. The company was founded in 2017. In just 5 years, startup grew into a leading digital marketing agency with over 200 people on board and 900+ successful projects behind. Today, with Belkins, your business can get:

  • A guaranteed $10 return on every $1 you spend on Belins solutions;
  • Avg. 20 appointments scheduled with hot business leads per campaign;
  • An average closing rate of 20% from appointment to signed contract across 50 industries;

Now Belkins announces a grand launch of its new Inbound Appointment Setting service to inject more efficiency into your company’s marketing strategy.

Taking B2B Lead Generation to the Next Level With Powerful Inbound Appointment Setting Solutions

The core mission of the new service provided by Belkins is to help brands optimize their B2B inbound marketing efforts and convert their inbound leads into clients with ease.

The dedicated team of experts from Belkins aligns with your brand’s vision and objectives from the early stage of your cooperation. The agency’s pros analyze your current inbound lead generation efforts and help match them to the set goals. They will help you develop a winning strategy for moving your leads through the sales funnel and facilitating different inbound channels like CRM automation, content marketing, SEO, and social media advertising to help you drive even more leads to your pipeline.

With experts from Belkins by your side, you will be able to take your brand out there, in front of your potential customers, and generate their interest in working with you. That’s where Inbound Appointment Setting service steps in to ensure conversion.

Fill Your Schedule With Hot Business Leads and Inbound Appointments

With the help of its effective HubSpot lead collection approach and dedicated inbound appointment setters, Belkins can help your business scale and prosper. The agency’s experts will save your sales team plenty of time so that your in-house reps could focus on closing deals instead of chasing leads.

At the same time, Belkins minimizes the no-show rate and ensures that you only have appointments with warm leads. And they also take care of the post-sales follow-up process to keep your clients happy and your CRM clean while boosting your sales rate!

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