Kathairos Solutions emerges as methane elimination leader in Appalachian Basin oil and gas operations

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Kathairos’ nitrogen-based clean technology is anticipated to remove more than 211,500 metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions across Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio in the year ahead

PITTSBURGH, March 8, 2023 /CNW/ – The pressure to reduce methane emissions in the US energy sector continues to intensify, as does the need for innovative solutions to support ambitious targets set by government, regulators and industry leaders alike.

Kathairos Solutions is leading the way among clean tech providers, allowing oil and gas producers to completely eliminate methane venting on remote well sites in the simplest and most economical way possible.

Through expanding partnerships with producers and government, Kathairos is proud to announce an intensified commitment to the country’s clean energy transformation. The company will be installing more than 1,500 methane elimination systems across the Appalachian Basin in the year ahead – an unprecedented technology deployment that will eliminate an estimated 211,500 metric tons of CO2e emissions annually. 

On Tuesday, March 28, Kathairos will host oil and gas industry insiders in downtown Pittsburgh to showcase Kathairos’ revolutionary liquid nitrogen technology, proven to power remote well site devices effectively, affordably and at scale. 

“We feel an urgent need to focus our resources on Appalachia at this time, given that regulations now clearly point to zero tolerance for methane venting by 2026, if not sooner,” said Dick Brown, President and CEO of Kathairos.

The technology saw rapid adoption throughout North America in 2022, led by a series of forward-thinking producers in the Marcellus and Utica shale basins.

The large-scale, 1500-unit deployment of Kathairos’ transformative methane elimination systems will commence in April as a focused effort across southwestern and northeastern PA – home to thousands of well sites currently venting methane in their routine operations – a highly potent greenhouse gas.


At Kathairos, our name means ‘clean air.’ We are proud to champion imperative solutions that support today’s evolving energy industry, and the people and producers working tirelessly toward a cleaner, greener barrel. Through our revolutionary liquid nitrogen-powered field technologies and world-class carbon accounting and reporting tools, we’re on a mission to eliminate methane emissions from more than 400,000 remote well sites across Canada and the US. Learn more at kathairos.com.

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