LG Electronics Unveils AC GEN Cool 3

Global leader in consumer electronics, LG Electronics, Thursday, launched the GEN Cool 3, a multi-step control air-conditioner packed with a dual inverter compressor.

The LG Electronics air-conditioner, which has a 10-year warranty, could be powered with a small tiger generator, popularly known as “I better pass my neighbor.”

Speaking at the unveiling in Lagos, Gbenga Ogunbayo, Product Expert, said the air-conditioner provides continuous cooling with less of energy source.

He said the smaller energy consumption is one of those features that many Nigerians would love to see considering the fact that power is still an issue in the country.

The air-conditioner doesn’t just consume less fuel, the air is purified removing ultrafine dust (PM 1.0) up to 99.9℅.

For me, the pre-filter and an auto-cleaning are features that tickle my fancy”, Ogunbayo said.

He said the air-conditioner has auto-cleaning that cleans and eliminates specks of dust.

The product is also equipped with UVnano and Plasmater feature which remove bacteria through the fan and deodorizes the environment.

There is a filter in the AC that needs to be removed at intervals, this is where all the bacteria and dirt are stored.”

He advised Nigerians to always consider the cost-effectiveness and features of an air-conditioner before buying.

The LG Genco Cool air conditioner is TUVRheinland and Intertek certified.

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