Meet /prompt. The Engine for a New Era of Creative Marketing & Communications Unveiled by Lippe Taylor and twelvenote

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lippe Taylor and twelvenote, together two of the most-awarded midsize agencies in the industry, today announced the introduction of a new venture: /prompt. – a future forward creative marketing & communication engine that will power the twin agencies’ capabilities with augmented intelligence. This marks a pivotal step for the two entities, leveraging their strengths to shape the future of marketing and communications.

While Lippe Taylor and twelvenote will continue their individual operations, their joint foray under /prompt. represents an integration of past achievements with forward-looking strategies. /prompt. aims to reinvent creative marketing and communications by leveraging technological advancements, advanced data sciences, and the agencies’ unique approach to storymaking for empowering more meaningful connections.

Paul Dyer, CEO, expresses his enthusiasm: “The inception of /prompt. is a pivotal moment for us. We are uniting the distinctive expertise of Lippe Taylor and twelvenote with a new engine for augmented intelligence – data science, AI, and a scalable operations platform, to forge a path that delivers unmatched value to our clients. This collaboration positions us to push creative boundaries and redefine what’s possible in marketing and communications.”

Craig Elimeliah, Chief Creative Officer, details the strategy: “Our objective at /prompt. is to offer a truly unique proposition in the marketplace. By partnering twelvenote’s digital activation expertise with Lippe Taylor’s innovative and evolved communications methodologies, we now provide comprehensive solutions for brands striving to stand out in an ad-fatigued environment. We aim to be the differentiator that our clients seek.”

/prompt. encapsulates the strengths of twelvenote’s “humanized branding” and Lippe Taylor’s reputation for continuous reinvention of both its own approaches and its clients’ brands. twelvenote, recognized for its purpose-driven digital activations in diverse industries, and Lippe Taylor, known for pioneering creator marketing and developing StarlingAITM, demonstrate a history of setting industry benchmarks. The collaboration promises a synergy that will expand client offerings through /prompt.

This strategic alliance allows the agencies to retain their unique characteristics while leveraging a more extensive service portfolio via /prompt. The agency will also host the Frictionless Intelligence Team, dedicated to advancing industry standards with data-driven insights, ensuring authentic and effective storytelling.

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About /prompt.

Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions tailored to our clients’ unique goals, positioning, not just as a participant but as a leading engine in the future of creative marketing and communications. The combined expertise of Lippe Taylor and twelvenote now powered by the /prompt. engine signifies an agency grounded in the present yet attuned to the future. We are committed to crafting stories that resonate, invoking the human element to inspire and engage. By driving and reshaping industry norms with data and insights, every narrative we produce is authentic and impactful. /prompt. is our call to action, embodying our dedication to presence and the pursuit of excellence. Discover the impact of a synergized, proactive, and visionary agency at, and see how /prompt. can transform your brand’s narrative.

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