NZCB Achieves Half of Gigawatt by 2025 Goal

BOSTON, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sustainability Roundtable Inc (SR Inc) is pleased to announce that its Net Zero Consortium for Buyers (NZCB) has achieved 50% of its goal of enabling SR Inc Member-clients to cause a gigawatt of new renewable energy capacity by 2025. Ongoing NZCB individual and aggregated procurements in the U.S. and Europe bolster optimism for achieving the gigawatt goal ahead of schedule. Reaching the goal would generate enough energy to meet the annual average electricity needs of approximately 250,000 U.S. homes.

SR Inc Member-clients, including Akamai Technologies, Biogen, Cisco, Intuit, MilliporeSigma, Synopsys, Teradyne, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Uber, Wayfair, and more than a dozen others, have made the NZCB the leading platform for aggregated virtual power purchase agreements (VPPA) for procuring utility-scale renewable energy in the U.S. and Europe. Through the NZCB, SR Inc Member-clients are leading in democratizing the financial and environmental benefits of utility-scale renewables, which were previously only available to utilities and the world’s largest corporate energy users (aka Big Tech).

High-credit companies are invited to participate in the NZCB, where they can receive expert assistance at no necessary cost or obligation over months and years to develop and drive world-class decarbonization strategies, financed by consortium participants who decide to transact. It is for buyers only and provides customized carbon reduction plans and in-depth – 100% independent – analysis of competitive markets, developers, projects, transaction structures, and financial modeling. 

“The NZCB offers a breakthrough business model that is confidential, mission-driven, for-profit, and exclusively designed for buyers. This collaborative approach empowers companies to pursue more courageous, creative, and impactful climate solutions,” said James F. Boyle, CEO & Founder, SR Inc.

Recent NZCB procurements already announced include the 111 MW Azure Sky Wind Aggregation among MilliporeSigma, Akamai Technologies, Synopsys, and Uber, as well as the 200 MW Millers Branch Solar Project contracted by Thermo Fisher Scientific. In the weeks and months ahead, SR Inc looks forward to announcing additional completed transactions, as well as multiple utility-scale peer buyer and supply chain aggregations now underway in the U.S. and Europe. SR Inc’s industry-leading Member-clients are now inviting their suppliers and customers to join the NZCB and learn how it can help them more credibly and profitably mitigate their scope 2 emissions and achieve their global environmental goals, including Science-Based Targets, by causing new utility-scale renewable energy. This, in turn, can also mitigate the scope 3 emissions of value chain-aligned NZCB participants.

SR Inc continues to hire mission-aligned experts to help expand its new model of practical and scalable commercial collaboration for utility-scale renewables and meaningful climate action.

About Sustainability Roundtable Inc

Sustainability Roundtable Inc (SR Inc) is a leader in outsourced sustainability management missioned to accelerate the development and adoption of best practices in more sustainable business. SR Inc’s Net Zero Consortium for Buyers is a confidential consortium for buyers only that helps participants develop global renewable energy and emissions reduction strategies and is the leading platform for buyer-aggregated virtual power purchase agreements in the U.S. and Europe. 

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