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For the Quarter Ending September 2023

North America

In the third quarter of 2023, the trading landscape for Pyridine in the United States experienced a bearish trend, primarily driven by suppliers hesitating to engage in bulk purchases due to ample inventory levels. In July 2023, the price of Pyridine in the US plummeted to USD 3180 per ton FOB Louisiana. The Pyridine market in the region continued to be affected by sluggish trade dynamics and lackluster market fundamentals. Traders in the area, faced with a bearish feedstock coal market and subdued buying interest, showed diminished enthusiasm for bulk trading. Offers from a significant domestic regional producer were limited, resulting in weaker pricing as the supply and demand fundamentals of the market remained unchanged. Pyridine exports from the US to European and Asian markets were constrained due to weak trading dynamics, exacerbated by an oversupply from brisk manufacturing and low operating costs. The demand for Pyridine in downstream industries such as Corrosion Inhibitors and dye intermediates remained constrained, posing a significant challenge for companies looking to clear their stocks. The Pyridine market in North America concluded on a lower note due to sluggish offtakes and limited purchasing activities.

Asia Pacific

This quarter witnessed a declining price trend in the Pyridine market fundamentals in the Asia-Pacific region, driven by sluggish market purchases and elevated inventory levels. Downtrend trading activity from Pharma and solvent industries decreased due to stocking activities and higher-than-anticipated supply from major manufacturing units. Export flows of Pyridine from China to India, Japan, and Indonesia were weak, with trades primarily occurring on an immediate basis. Reduced product accessibility and decreased offerings for new stocks contributed to a decline in Pyridine demand. Significant manufacturers adjusted their product prices for the domestic market. Slow coal prices in the feedstock market, stemming from reduced production costs, were observed due to low interest from the downstream industry and constrained supply/demand needs. The market fundamentals were impacted by decreased manufacturing costs and rising interest rates, prompting Pyridine manufacturers to reduce production to prevent increasing stockpiles.

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In the third quarter of 2023, the Pyridine market fundamentals in Europe remained sluggish for consecutive months, reflecting cautious operations in downstream ventures based on end-user requirements and subdued trading activities from Germany to other regions. Muted trading and a lack of firm offers and bids constrained prices from fluctuating further. In the upstream market, the coal market declined this quarter due to ample product availability and weak spot market discussions. Demand from downstream Agrochemical and Pharma industries remained lackluster, with suppliers opting for need-based purchases. Numerous spot deals were concluded at lower prices this quarter, enticing buyers back into the market but contributing to demand destruction. Regional producers sought to balance supply/demand fundamentals by operating production units at a lower rate to avoid further stockpiles. The demand for Pyridine from end-user markets was suppressed, with limited consumption from end users. In the European market, prices have yet to fall even lower, given the limited orders from overseas markets.

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