Revkor-H2 Gemini selects Salt Lake City, Utah for new 5-20 GW HJTPerovskite solar cell and panel manufacturing facility.

SALT LAKE CITY, July 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — REVKOR Energy Holdings Inc, a leading renewable energy company, and H2GEMINI Technology Consulting GmbH, a prominent solar machinery and equipment manufacturer, are pleased to announce the signing of a Partnership (PARTNERSHIP). This PARTNERSHIP outlines their joint efforts to construct turnkey HJT Solar Cell and Module Manufacturing Facilities and collaborate on the development of new generations of high-efficiency HJT/Perovskite solar cell architectures.

new HJT/Perovskite Manufacturings Facility 

Under the terms of the partnership, REVKOR and H2GEMINI will collaborate to establish high-efficiency HJT PV cell and module production across multiple project sites, with a targeted capacity of 20GW by 2026. The first phase of the project will focus on building a 5GW annual production facility, aiming for production to begin by the second quarter of 2024. Subsequently, in Phase Two, the capacity will be expanded to a total of 20GW by the end of 2025. This partnership comes just before the completion of REVKOR’s Phase One facility on August 5th, 2023, spanning 1,067,000 Sq Ft in Salt Lake City, will become operational late second quarter 2024, with the HJT/Perovskite 5 GW equipment fully installed, this facility will become the first HJT/perovskite solar cell and panel manufacturing plant in the United States ever and proudly adhere to the real meaning of “Made in America”.

The overall project also includes the establishment of Advanced Research Centers within the manufacturing complex, in collaboration with local churches & universities. REVKOR has finalized a lease agreement with Ritchie Group LLC, Salt Lake City, Utah the builder of the Phase One facility, and for the construction of the 1,000,000 sq ft Phase Two facility already with signed (LOI). The comprehensive project is expected to generate over 2,500 high-tech jobs in the Salt Lake City area and contribute billions of dollars in revenue to the state of Utah. The primary objective of this partnership is to position the United States as the premier center for renewable energy, solar technology, driving advancements in perovskite, graphene, plastic recycling and new tire vulcanization methods with our advanced manufacturing technology and reclaiming our position at the forefront of renewables industry.

As part of the PARTNERSHIP, H2GEMINI will provide all HJT/Perovskite equipment for the new location, also providing project management for the HJT production lines, delivering, implementing production processes, transferring IP technology, and establishing this location as the premier development site in the USA. REVKOR will secure the remaining funding, estimated over several billion, for the manufacturing and R&D complex. REVKOR will also allocate resources for the interior construction of the new corporate location of administration offices and laboratories. As a US-based high-tech manufacturer of critical energy infrastructure, REVKOR has been engaged with funding programs such as the (IRA), (DOE) loan guarantee programs, and the CHIPS program. Including many programs with the Department of Economic Development in Salt Lake City, Utah and the Governor’s office.

Indeed, the partnership between REVKOR Energy Holdings Inc and H2GEMINI Technology Consulting GmbH is an exciting development in the realm of high-efficiency solar cell manufacturing and renewable energy technologies. Both companies recognize the significance of this collaboration in driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of renewable energy.

By combining their expertise and resources, REVKOR Energy Holdings Inc and H2GEMINI Technology Consulting GmbH aim to make substantial advancements in the manufacturing of high-efficiency solar cells. This partnership represents a significant milestone in their respective industries and demonstrates a shared commitment to the growth and development of renewable energy technologies.

The collaboration between these two companies holds great potential to accelerate the adoption of solar energy by improving the efficiency and performance of solar cells. It is through such partnerships and advancements that the renewable energy sector can make significant strides in reducing carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable future.

REVKOR Energy Holdings Inc and H2GEMINI Technology Consulting GmbH are poised to leverage their expertise and resources to push the boundaries of renewable energy technologies, ultimately contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape.

REVKOR Energy Holdings Inc is a prominent company operating in the solar energy sector. They are recognized as a leading renewables company with expertise in various areas of the industry. Their specialization includes:

HJT Solar Cell Manufacturing: REVKOR Energy Holdings Inc focuses on the production of HJT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer) solar cells. HJT technology combines amorphous silicon layers with crystalline silicon to enhance cell efficiency.

Solar Module Production: The company is engaged in the manufacturing of solar modules. Solar modules, also known as solar panels, consist of interconnected solar cells and are designed to convert sunlight into electricity.

Ingot Wafer Production: REVKOR Energy Holdings Inc is involved in the production of ingot wafers. Ingot wafers are cylindrical blocks of silicon that are sliced into thin wafers and serve as the base material for solar cell manufacturing.

Solar EPC and Industrial Electrical Contractors and Engineers: The company offers engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for solar energy projects. They provide expertise in designing and implementing solar energy systems, ensuring efficient installation and operation.

Utility Grid Electrical Contractors: REVKOR Energy Holdings Inc also operates as utility grid electrical contractors. They work on connecting solar energy systems to the electrical grid, ensuring proper integration and compliance with regulations.

Overall, REVKOR Energy Holdings Inc is actively involved in multiple aspects of the solar energy industry, from solar cell and module manufacturing to EPC services and electrical contracting. Their focus on HJT technology showcases their commitment to advancing high-efficiency solar solutions and contributing to the growth of renewable energy.

H2GEMINI Technology Consulting GmbH is a Swiss-German company that operates in the field of production process development, design, manufacturing, and marketing of equipment. Their expertise extends to various industries, including:

Photovoltaic Industry: H2GEMINI Technologies specializes in the development and production of process equipment for the photovoltaic industry. This includes equipment used in the manufacturing and production of solar cells and solar modules, contributing to the advancement of solar energy technology.

Semiconductor Industry: The company also focuses on the semiconductor industry, which involves the production of electronic devices and integrated circuits. H2GEMINI develops and manufactures equipment for semiconductor fabrication processes, enabling the creation of advanced semiconductor components.

Precision Optics Industry: H2GEMINI Technology Consulting GmbH is involved in the precision optics industry. They develop and produce equipment for processes related to the manufacturing of high-precision optical components, lenses, and systems.

Through their comprehensive range of services, H2GEMINI Technology Consulting GmbH plays a crucial role in enabling the efficient and high-quality production of solar cells, semiconductor devices, and precision optical components. Their expertise and equipment contribute to the advancement and growth of these industries, promoting technological innovation and sustainable solutions.

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