RFK Jr. Movie Ad Viewed 129 Million Times; AV24 super PAC Funds Massive Two-Day X (Twitter) Takeover

#TheRealRFKJrMovie Is Top Trending Item

Kennedy Now Highest Polling Independent Since Ross Perot

NEW YORK, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — #TheRealRFKJrMovie, directed and produced by award-winning filmmaker and producer Jeff Hayes, took over X (Twitter) for two days last week as the top trending item, resulting in 129 million US impressions of the video.  American Values 24 (AV24), the super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s presidential candidacy, sponsored the X takeover and distributed the video to voters across the country to spread awareness of the candidate and his vision. 

The objective was to drive mass awareness of #TheRealRFKJrMovie The objective was to inform millions of viewers about Bobby Kennedy’s life, his accomplishments, and his incredibly hopeful and inspiring vision for America, as well as drive traffic to the movie’s supporting website, which leads with the question, “Could One Documentary Change the Course of an American Election?”

The promotion comes as both the Trump and Biden campaigns have launched attacks against Kennedy, doing all they can to slow the upstart candidate’s momentum. His campaign continues to surge with independent voters, now the largest voting demographic in America.

“The DNC has launched what can only be described as an assault on democracy. And the Biden administration has put RFK Jr’s life at risk by denying him the secret service protection to which he is clearly entitled five times,” said Tony Lyons, co-founder of AV24 and President of Skyhorse Publishing.  “They have run gigantic attack ad billboards in Michigan, New York, California and Texas. They have worked to vilify and censor and lie about RFK Jr. and hired teams of lawyers to keep him off the ballot. They are literally terrified of him because his honesty, integrity and character are an existential threat to the corruption that has led our government to put profits over people. But RFK Jr offers hope over fear, free speech over censorship, and common sense solutions to support the middle class over corrupt policies aimed at turning America into an oligarchy.”

This documentary is based on the in-depth biography of New York Times best-selling author Dick Russell and was brought to life by Jeff Hayes, who has produced On Native Soil, Fahrenhype 9/11, and The Groundbreaking Hit: The Real Anthony Fauci Movie.


American Values 2024 (AV24) is a super PAC committed to educating and mobilizing voters to elect candidates who will restore and protect the soul of democracy in the United States. Our long-term vision is to build a movement starting at the local level to create a national groundswell to address the critical issues our country faces. Today, AV24 supports Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s presidential campaign. AV24 is co-founded by Mark Gorton (Chairman of Tower Research Capital) and Tony Lyons (President of Skyhorse Publishing).

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