Silverpush's Cookieless AI Solutions: Saving 1000 Tons of CO2eq in Advertising Campaigns

GURUGRAM, India, Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Despite efforts by businesses and governments to address climate change, a significant gap remains between their commitments and actions. Silverpush, a leader in contextual advertising, is taking action to reduce carbon emissions by using its advanced AI technology. The company successfully saved 1000 tons of CO2eq across the web.

Digital initiatives, including advertising and content consumption, contribute 3.5% to global greenhouse gas emissions and are increasing by 6% annually, surpassing the aviation industry’s 2.5% share. (Read more)

To better understand the impact, it’s important to note that the emissions produced by serving one million ad impressions is equivalent to one metric ton of carbon dioxide, which is the same as the emissions produced by a round-trip flight between Boston and London for one passenger.

Targeting specific audiences in digital advertising contributes to a high carbon footprint.

Traditional targeting methods may generate high impressions, but they often result in wasted impressions due to random ad placement and targeting the wrong audience.

Contextual targeting allows brands to be more efficient in their campaigns, reducing the number of impressions needed by 20-25% compared to audience targeting, ultimately decreasing the carbon footprint of their ad campaigns without sacrificing reach.

Silverpush‘s advanced AI technology has been able to deliver over 4 billion relevant impressions for over 4000 campaigns for Fortune 500 brands in the past two years. The use of contextual targeting in these campaigns has resulted in a reduction of 1000 tons of CO2eq emissions.

“Silverpush provides precise and detailed targeting options, enabling brands to achieve their business objectives while managing the carbon emissions of their campaigns. By delivering relevant ads, contextual targeting can improve the efficiency of advertising campaigns and decrease the number of ads displayed to users. This also reduces the energy consumption of servers and devices used to deliver ads, ultimately lowering the carbon emissions,” said Kartik Mehta, Chief Revenue & Operating Officer at Silverpush.

About Silverpush

Silverpush is an advertising technology firm providing AI-Powered contextual solutions. The goal is to help brands and agencies target relevant audiences without meddling with their privacy. The company has worked with Unilever, Castrol, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Mondelez, etc. Silverpush operates in 15+ countries across South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the USA, the UK, and India.

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