Despite decades of hype, there is now real hope of progress in fusion JET tokamak

It may have a history of over-optimistic predictions, but research into generating power using a fusion reactor is finally making notable advances Technology | Leader 19 October 2022 By New Scientist EUROFusion WHERE is the hottest known spot in the solar system? The surprising answer is that it is in the village of Culham in … Read more

Too many electric cars charging at night may overload electrical grid

As electric car ownership rises, we will need new infrastructure to avoid overwhelming electricity grids – including public charging stations and more daytime charging Technology 22 September 2022 By Jeremy Hsu As electric car use grows, we will need to make changes to the energy grid to meet charging demand Dinendra Haria/SOPA Images/Shutterstock The growth … Read more

The Hershey Company Signs Second Solar Power Purchase Agreement with National Grid Renewables

The Hershey Company Signs Second Solar Power Purchase Agreement with National Grid Renewables

Groundbreaking event held at ERCOT Copperhead Solar & Storage Project in Falls County, Texas MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — National Grid Renewables hosted project partners and landowners to celebrate the start of construction at its Copperhead Solar & Storage Project (Copperhead), a 150 megawatt (MW) solar and 100 megawatt hour (MWh) storage project in … Read more

Disposable paper battery is activated by a drop of tap water

Small and cheap batteries could enable a host of electronic devices such as parcel trackers, environmental monitors and sensors used in healthcare Technology 28 July 2022 By Matthew Sparkes The paper battery can power an alarm clock Alexandre Poulin A battery made from paper coated with graphite and zinc dust can provide power for a … Read more

Design work starts on European commercial fusion power station

The EuroFusion consortium hopes its DEMOnstration Power Plant will take fusion power from the lab to commercial electricity supply by 2054 Technology 5 July 2022 By Adam Vaughan Nuclear fusion could one day provide us with clean electricity UKAEA Nuclear fusion engineers are starting to design a European power station they hope will mimic how … Read more