Google AI learns to play open-world video games by watching them

Some of the gaming 3D virtual environments the SIMA AI from Google DeepMind has been mastering

Some of the 3D virtual gaming environments that Google DeepMind’s SIMA AI has been mastering SIMA Team A Google DeepMind artificial intelligence model can play different open-world video games, such as No Man’s Sky, like a human just by watching video from a screen, which could be a step towards generally intelligent AIs that operate … Read more

AI generates video game levels and characters from text prompts

“Duck” and “ghost” character sprites generated by an AI Tim Merino et al A simple generative AI tool can create video game maps, character models and emojis from a single-sentence prompt within milliseconds. Julian Togelius and Timothy Merino at New York University and their colleagues designed the system as a way of understanding how simple … Read more

China’s video-game limits haven’t cut heavy gaming

People in a video gaming centre in Shanghai, China

There are concerns in China about the amount of time people spend gaming ALEX PLAVEVSKI/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock China’s policy of introducing curfews on video-game playing had no immediate effect on heavy gaming, a study shows. The Chinese state has imposed time limits on access to video games for players under the age of 18 since 1 November … Read more

ChatGPT agents are better at simulated role-play than humans

AI agents successfully organised a Valentine’s Day party in this simulation Stanford University ChatGPT-powered AIs given long-term memory capabilities and personal motivations could role-play characters in a simulated town more believably than human crowd workers. “This idea of creating believable agents that actually exhibit this behaviour – that give the illusion of realism – was … Read more

Why fears around children playing video games are counterproductive

New Scientist Default Image

WHAT if my child is addicted? As a clinical psychologist who works with young people, I am regularly asked by parents about video games. It is never about the positives. It seems they are concerned that if they don’t worry about video games, I will consider them a bad parent. The people I see aren’t … Read more