AI, orchestra and dance combine in retelling of Polish folklore tale

A Body for Harnasie is a new production by choreographer Wayne McGregor and visual artist Ben Cullen Williams, reimagining the ballet score Harnasie by Karol Szymanowski, which is based on a Polish folk story. Incorporating AI, dance, sculpture and orchestral music, ⁠the show projects footage onto a kinetic sculpture that sits above the Polish National … Read more

Google AI learns to play open-world video games by watching them

Some of the gaming 3D virtual environments the SIMA AI from Google DeepMind has been mastering

Some of the 3D virtual gaming environments that Google DeepMind’s SIMA AI has been mastering SIMA Team A Google DeepMind artificial intelligence model can play different open-world video games, such as No Man’s Sky, like a human just by watching video from a screen, which could be a step towards generally intelligent AIs that operate … Read more

AI chatbots use racist stereotypes even after anti-racism training

Hundreds of millions of people already use commercial AI chatbots Ju Jae-young/Shutterstock Commercial AI chatbots demonstrate racial prejudice toward speakers of African American English – despite expressing superficially positive sentiments toward African Americans. This hidden bias could influence AI decisions about a person’s employability and criminality. “We discover a form of covert racism in [large … Read more

US Army tests AI chatbots as battle planners in a war game simulation

Starcraft II

A screenshot from Starcraft II Blizzard Games The US Army Research Laboratory is exploring whether OpenAI’s technology can improve battle planning – although only in the context of a military video game. The US military has already explored using AI technologies to analyse battlefield images and even identify targets for airstrikes – but it only … Read more