Tailwind Releases Generative AI Copy Tools for Social Media and Email

OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tailwind, with its deep background in social media and small business marketing, has released its new generative AI tool Ghostwriter.

Tailwind’s AI solution currently solves specific copywriting needs for Pinterest, Instagram and email – with additional use cases coming soon. The copy generation tool helps users of the small business marketing platform to generate natural-sounding, effective copy for their digital marketing efforts in half the time.

Ghostwriter was developed after Tailwind’s acquisition of Replier.ai, and delivers on Tailwind’s promised expansion of it’s offering to help small businesses with a wide range of marketing tasks, including content creation.

“With Ghostwriter, we’re able to remove a big marketing hurdle with a tool that doesn’t stop at telling users what to do, but actually does part of the work for them,” said Greg Starling, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Tailwind. 

“Adding AI copy generation to our already robust offering of marketing automation software adds another element of time-saving and relief to our busy users.”

By returning examples of copy based on users’ unique inputs, Ghostwriter can break writer’s block and make users’ marketing efforts more efficient and effective.

Members already participating in Ghostwriter’s beta offering are ecstatic about the AI copy tool, with 7 of every 10 reporting they would be “very disappointed” if they couldn’t use Ghostwriter, and 100% of surveyed users reporting they would continue to use the tool on a regular basis.

“Writing captions is what I dislike most about marketing my small business, so Tailwind Ghostwriter is amazing, said Gina Clark, one of Tailwind’s members. “It’s far easier for me to tweak something that’s been generated for me than it is to come up with something from scratch.”

Tailwind has found Ghostwriter to be remarkably high quality in its ability to generate marketing copy – with over 80% of Ghostwriter sessions resulting in a user publishing one or more pieces of copy written by the AI technology.

Tailwind is backed by Pilot Growth Equity.

About Tailwind:

Launched in 2015, Tailwind is a leading small business marketing platform that helps entrepreneurs, creators, sellers and marketers plan, create and execute world-class marketing campaigns across digital marketing platforms including Email marketing, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


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