Theme park goes contactless with facial recognition

Contactless services seem to be on the right track in the post-pandemic environment as people give priority to social distancing even after vaccinations in the UAE. In times when digital platforms offer completely touch-free services, malls and stores are using innovations like scan-to-pay and shopping kiosks to attract consumers.

Face recognition first caused a stir in the Emirates when Dubai started using AI-based face scans for safety in public transport. Now the technology has also replaced the passports at Dubai Airport. The Yas group takes a proactive approach to the latest contactless technologies and has introduced facial recognition at their theme park in Abu Dhabi to educate visitors about safety from infection.

FacePass was first launched on Yas Island and is also slated to be used at Ferrari World and Warner Bros World, which the company operates, as Emiratis may be leaving their homes for the outdoors. The service works via the Yas Island app, which is connected to the ticket system, and paves the way for contact-free and problem-free entry into the premises.

To create a fully socially distant ecosystem, facial recognition also makes it easier to make online payments in shops and restaurants in the theme park. Aside from reducing physical interactions at major attractions, the digital transformation is eliminating queues at entry points to create a safe space for tourists.

In addition to FacePass, visitors to the Hilton in Yas Island will receive wristbands to unlock their hotel rooms and enter the theme park.

This move by the developer comes after Dubai Airport recently started using iris scans for entry and immigration procedures. The company made headlines in the Middle East last year when it introduced robots to enforce social distancing rules at Yas Mall.

Last month, the United Arab Emirates-based airline Emirates Airlines began using biometric data to make it easier for passengers to access the airport lounge.

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