Treetoscope, a recently 1st prize winner for innovative irrigation technologies, Expands Seed Funding with New Investors to Propel Sap Sensor Technology

Innovative Precision Irrigation Management Startup Secures Additional Investment to Drive R&D and Accelerate Global Expansion

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ –Treetoscope, the pioneering Precision Irrigation Management startup, is thrilled to announce the extension of its latest seed fundraising round with additional investments, bringing the total to over $7 million. This strategic infusion of funds is earmarked for research and development, bolstering overall growth, and speeding up the commercial agriculture expansion across North America and beyond.

The funding round, initially led by the esteemed Champel Capital venture capital fund, renowned for its focus on impact technology investments in the European-Israeli sector, is now expanded with contributions from Stray Dog Capital (US), ECG (Thailand), and The Food Tech Lab (Spain), alongside other strategic investors including Leon Recanati, GlenRock fund, SeedIL, YYM-Ventures, Agrovision, NEOME, GN-Z11, and

Dotan Eshet, CEO of Treetoscope, expressed his enthusiasm about the extended support: “The addition of Stray Dog Capital, ECG, and The Food Tech Lab to our group of esteemed investors marks a significant milestone for Treetoscope. It underscores the confidence in our revolutionary technology and our mission. This extended funding round will enable us to further accelerate our research efforts and expand our reach, empowering more farmers with the tools needed for efficient and sustainable agriculture.”

Established in 2020 in Tel Aviv, Israel, Treetoscope’s ground-breaking platform utilizes in-tree plant sensors to provide real-time sap and water uptake data, enabling growers to make more precise irrigation decisions. By integrating AI, weather data, satellite imagery, and other remote sensing technologies, Treetoscope offers a comprehensive irrigation management system that helps reduce water and input costs while ensuring optimal crop health and yield.

Moreover, Treetoscope has been recognized for its groundbreaking technology with the prestigious 2023 New Product Contest Tier 1 award by the American Irrigation Association. This accolade underscores the company’s contribution to the irrigation industry and its commitment to sustainability and efficiency in agriculture.

The unique, easy-to-install sensors by Treetoscope offer a cost-effective and high-resolution alternative to traditional soil or tree trunk sensors, providing detailed data across vineyards and orchards. This innovative approach addresses the critical challenge of water scarcity in agriculture, offering a sustainable solution to enhance food security worldwide.

“Partnering with Treetoscope aligns perfectly with The Food Tech Lab’s mission to invest in technologies that redefine the future of food and agriculture. Treetoscope’s innovative approach to precision irrigation directly mirrors our portfolio’s focus on sustainability and efficiency. We’re enthusiastic about their potential to drive significant impact in water conservation and agricultural productivity” said Juan Cividanes Roger, Managing Partner at the FoodTech Lab.

Johnny Ream, Partner at Stray Dog Capital added “We are thrilled to be part of Treetoscope’s journey as they revolutionize precision irrigation. The company’s innovative technology, combined with strategic partnerships with industry giants like Toro and Netafim, positions them uniquely to address the pressing global challenge of water scarcity in agriculture. Treetoscope’s compelling value proposition for farmers, straightforward design, and attractive scalability make them a standout opportunity in the agtech space.”

In a significant development, Treetoscope is expanding its reach by entering the Turkish market in collaboration with Netafim, a global leader in sustainable agricultural irrigation solutions. This move signifies Treetoscope’s commitment to advancing precision irrigation management in new territories, further solidifying its position as a leader in agricultural innovation.

With the addition of the new investors, Treetoscope is set to build upon its existing partnerships and expand its global footprint. The company has already seen significant commercial success through collaborations with leading agribusinesses and research institutes, including The Toro Company in North America and a rigorous validation by Netafim, leading to a global commercialization partnership.

Having secured over $10 million in total investments, including grants from the Israel Innovation Authority and the Bird Foundation, Treetoscope is on a strong growth trajectory. With successful expansions into Mexico and Spain, and a growing team in California’s Central Valley, Treetoscope is well-positioned to continue leading the way in sustainable agricultural technology.

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About Treetoscope

Treetoscope, founded in 2020, is revolutionizing agriculture with its innovative direct plant monitoring technology. Serving farmers in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and now Turkey, Treetoscope helps reduce production costs, increase yields, and optimize water usage. As the company continues to expand its technology to new territories and crops, it remains committed to enhancing sustainability and efficiency in agriculture.

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