Duke Basketball Dynamo Emma Koabel Joins Forces with PVL to Blitz TikTok and the NCAA

TORONTO, March 12, 2024 /CNW/ – Pure Vital Labs (PVL), a powerhouse in performance nutrition, proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with viral TikToker Emma Koabel, who plays for the prestigious Duke Blue Devils women’s basketball team in the NCAA: marking a new chapter in athlete empowerment and wellness. This collaboration, fueled by EQ’s unparalleled “Creative IQ,” will amplify PVL’s presence on TikTok and in the USA market, by tapping into the vibrant world of collegiate sports and the dynamic influence of Gen Z athletes. 

PVL, with a legacy spanning over a quarter of a century, has been synonymous with transparency, trustworthiness, and high performance. As “The Athlete’s Brand,” PVL is committed to making top-tier products accessible to athletes of all levels, from aspiring Olympians to everyday fitness enthusiasts. With the launch of PVL in the USA market, the partnership with EQ and the representation of Emma Koabel marks a strategic move to champion athlete success and inspire a new generation of competitors.

Emma Koabel, a rising Canadian basketball star who is currently making waves at the legendary Duke University in the United States, brings her unparalleled talent and infectious energy to the partnership as one of PVL’s youngest, and first focused on TikTok, ambassadors,” says Ian Bell, Senior Director of Business & Brand Development, PVL.  “She embodies the essence of athleticism, both on and off the court, and with over 700K fans on TikTok, Emma’s authentic engagement resonates with fans worldwide, demystifying the journey of a professional athlete and inspiring others to pursue their dreams with dedication and positivity.” 

“This is such an amazing brand with amazing people. I am so honoured and excited to be able to work with them”, adds Emma Koabel. As a collegiate athlete, she understands the importance of fueling her body with high-quality products that support her performance and recovery. PVL’s commitment to excellence both on and off the court aligns perfectly with the values of high performing NCAA athletes.  

Dakota Rae, Founder & CEO of EQ, reflects on the strategic foresight of PVL in partnering with Emma. “We knew Emma would be a great fit for PVL given their cross-border strategy expanding from Canada into the US market. With Emma playing for Team Canada and repping Duke combined with her virality on TikTok, the two combined will make a huge impact.”, says Rae.  “EQ is excited to share this journey with athletes around the world.”

Through this partnership, PVL and EQ are poised to drive meaningful engagement, foster athlete empowerment, and inspire the next generation of competitors to reach their full potential. 

About Emma Koabel

Emma Koabel is a rising international sensation, celebrated as a prominent figure in the realm of TikTok and beyond. Hailing from Canada, Emma’s journey transcends borders as she proudly represents her country on the women’s national basketball team. Currently, Emma showcases her exceptional talent and dedication on the courts of Duke University, a renowned institution steeped in basketball history and tradition. 

With her infectious genuine spirit, Emma captivates audiences both online and, on the court, earning accolades as a force to be reckoned with in the digital realm and beyond. As she continues to make her mark in the world of sports and social media, Emma Koabel exemplifies resilience, passion, and unwavering determination. 

For Partnerships Opportunities with Emma/EQ: partnerships@equationsales.com

Follow Emma Koabel on TikTok @emmakoabel for an inside look at her journey as an athlete and influencer. 

About PVL – Pure Vita Labs

PVL® is a trusted, science-based supplement brand based on the west coast of Canada, in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.  They formulate and manufacture on site in their own state-of-the-art GMP facility. Since 1996 their products have helped athletes of all types from weekend warriors all the way to professional and Olympic champions – plus every product is drug tested across the entire brand! Founder and owner Jim McMahon built PVL for the athlete in all of us, as he believes everybody deserves to go for their best. Their slogan echoes that spirit; “Don’t Just Participate – Dominate!”  

For Further Information and Press Inquiries: Ian Bell, Director of Brand Strategy & Innovation, IBELL@FITFOODS.CA

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About EQ

EQ is North America’s fastest growing influencer marketing agency. EQ is renowned for its “Qreative IQ,” a strategic framework tailored to align seamlessly with the goals and objectives of its brand partners, while embracing the creative style and autonomy of the influencer. EQ pioneer’s groundbreaking brand collaborations, partnerships, and content by seamlessly integrating across all facets of the social media landscape. Leading brands entrust us to amplify their digital presence, cultivating engaged, informed, and entertained communities and audiences, ultimately driving online interactions to tangible, real-world purchasing decisions. 

EQ proudly represents a formidable lineup of New Age celebrities, Athletes, Olympians, Influencers, YouTubers, and TikTokers. This dynamic collective of influencers and content creators shares captivating content across various social media platforms. 

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