U.S. House of Representatives Supports Dual-Use Acquisition Strategies for Army Autonomous Driving Programs in the FY 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

The House-passed measure includes critical language that demonstrates congressional support for further integrating commercial technology developers into DoD autonomous technology acquisition strategies

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kodiak Robotics, Inc., a leading self-driving developer building technology for the trucking and defense markets, today lauded the House of Representatives for including language in the FY2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that demonstrates Congressional support for the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) decision to contract with commercial technology developers to develop dual-use software for the Army’s Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) program (found on page 114). Section 267 of the House passed NDAA, reflects Congress’s increasing interest in encouraging dual-use technology acquisition strategies, which will encourage cutting-edge commercial technology developers to adapt their technology for national security purposes. These dual-use acquisition strategies include the Software Acquisition Pathways model which enables the Army to acquire hardware and software separately.

The House NDAA commends the Army for partnering with commercial technology developers to create an autonomous driving system capable of navigating complex terrain and GPS-challenged environments for the RCV program. Additionally, the bill encourages the Army to consider implementing a similar acquisition strategy for future ground autonomous vehicle programs, including the XM30 Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicle program and the Common Tactical Truck. This language comes on the heels of the House Appropriations Committee recommending that the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) be given a massive budget increase, demonstrating the Pentagon’s increased demand signal for commercial tech.

“Software Acquisition Pathways is a gamechanger for defense autonomy programs, allowing the Department of Defense to efficiently leverage billions of dollars of private investment in commercial autonomous vehicle technology for defense purposes at the speed of relevance,” said Don Burnette, founder and CEO, Kodiak Robotics. “Kodiak continues to innovate to bring autonomous capabilities to American roadways as well as the U.S military and is excited about the incredible progress we’ve made in adapting our technology to off-road environments. To date, Kodiak is the only company to demonstrate both off-road and highway autonomy capabilities. We are incredibly thankful for Congress’s recognition of this technology and its support for innovative defense acquisition strategies.”

Kodiak has been at the forefront of developing dual-use autonomous vehicle technologies. In December 2022, the company announced it received a $50 million contract from the DIU to adapt its autonomy system for Army reconnaissance vehicles through the RCV program. This contract built upon an earlier Small Business Innovation Research contract Kodiak received to develop autonomous vehicles for the Dover Air Force Base flightline. Founded in 2018, Kodiak focuses its commercial efforts on developing autonomous vehicle technology for the long-haul trucking market. The company has partnered with many of the leading companies in the trucking industry, including C.R. England and Tyson, IKEA, Werner, Pilot, Loadsmith, Forward, and more.

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About Kodiak Robotics, Inc.

Kodiak Robotics, Inc. was founded in 2018 to develop autonomous technology that carries freight forward — so people, partners, and the planet thrive. The company is developing an industry-leading autonomous technology stack making the freight industry safer and more efficient. Kodiak’s unique modular hardware approach integrates sensors into a streamlined sensor-pod structure that optimizes for perception, scalability, and maintainability. The company delivers freight daily for its customers across the South, operating autonomously on the highway portions of the routes and driving over 70,000 autonomous miles per month. Kodiak leverages its commercial self-driving software to develop, test and deploy autonomous capabilities for the U.S. Department of Defense. Learn more about Kodiak on the web at kodiak.ai, and on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can find the company press kit HERE.

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