Zoetic Global and NYC Accelerator Form Public-Private Partnership to Drive Decarbonization

NEW YORK, Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a bold step towards a sustainable future, Zoetic Global has partnered with the NYC Accelerator, a program supported by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice, to drive decarbonization efforts in the city.

The public-private partnership will transform the way that buildings are built and operated to boost energy performance, cut carbon emissions, and improve the quality of life and health of New Yorkers. Since inception in 2015, the NYC Accelerator team has provided free education on decarbonization to more than 9,000 building owners, property managers and developers, catalyzing a surge in energy efficiency and cost savings.

In order to achieve its goal of revolutionizing urban sustainability, the NYC Accelerator will work with Zoetic Global to supply energy-efficient refrigerants to buildings across the city to help them cut carbon emissions and reduce operational costs. This initiative is an integral part of New York City’s quest to reach the ambitious milestone of carbon neutrality by 2050. It has inspired other global cities to follow New York’s lead with similar decarbonization programs.

“Decarbonization needs to be a top priority for building owners to combat climate change,” said Zoetic Global Executive Chairman Jerome Ringo. “The science and technology are available, but now we need to mobilize individuals and businesses to take action. Zoetic refrigerants offer a solution by earning carbon credits through precise energy savings and emissions reduction data collected by advanced HVAC system sensors.”

“The NYC Accelerator not only provides valuable education and support but also helps building owners meet New York’s groundbreaking Local Law 97 (LL97). This law requires most buildings over 25,000 square feet to meet strict energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission limits starting in 2024, with even more stringent requirements by 2030. By working with the NYC Accelerator, building owners ensure compliance and stay ahead of the game,” said Zoetic Global Chief Global Business Development Officer Tim Ryan.

“Zoetic Global’s collaboration with the NYC Accelerator program is a testament to the power of smart, no-equipment-change solutions in driving significant energy savings. Our approach provides a swift payback period of just 5-20 months, alongside a remarkable 15-30% reduction in electrical consumption. This partnership not only underscores our shared commitment to cost-effective sustainability but also sets a new benchmark for energy efficiency in urban environments, benefiting both the building owner and the environment,” said Zoetic Carbon President Steve Scholl.

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Zoetic is a solutions provider committed to sustainability and focused on delivering critical energy, water, and food technologies to areas of greatest need. Working in conjunction with its technology and strategic partners it has assembled a compelling portfolio of now solutions for now problems. Zoetic means, “of or pertaining to life.” It embodies the dedication of its Co-Founder and Chairman, Jerome Ringo, who has been a leader in the climate movement for two decades. Zoetic is focused on the inclusion of areas of the world disproportionately impacted by climate change. Zoetic believes that critical solutions exist and require a next level commitment by leaders to implement them.

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