Apple is in a battle with Google and Microsoft on classroom tools


Apple launched a portfolio of templates and lesson plans for teachers as part of the self-paced Apple Teacher Learning Center for teachers.

The Apple Teacher Portfolio is a recognition badge that can be earned through the Apple Teacher Learning Center. The portfolio consists of 21 templates and lesson ideas using Apple technology and apps such as Keynote and iMovie.

Company said That Apple can also compile teacher portfolio lessons and work that can be shared between peers and seniors.

Apple is in a battle of students and teachers with Google and its Chromebook and classroom tools, as well as Microsoft.

Along with the Apple Teacher portfolio, the company updated its education apps as well as Apple Everyone Can Create Curriculum. The updates are designed to integrate the new iPad features as well as iMovie, Clips, GarageBand, Keynote and other apps. According to Apple, more than 5,000 K-12 institutions can create courses for everyone globally.


Apple Classroom

Updates to Apple’s education portfolio include:

  • Schoolwork will give teachers the option to share the project with colleagues and export assignments. Navigation in classes, assignments and student accounts has been improved. Schoolwork is available in beta through AppleSeed for IT.
  • The class will find equipment to invite remote students to join a session. The Classroom app has been remodeled with Mac Catalyst to make the iPad and Mac experiences seamless. Teachers will get a snapshot of an iPad or Mac student’s status, device, and battery life. The class is available in beta through AppleSeed for IT.
  • The guides everyone can create are updated and available through a free download on Apple Books.


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