Arctech Celebrates 1GW Deployment of Multi-point Drive Trackers in Latam

SANTIAGO, Chile, March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Arctech, the world’s leading tracking, racking, and BIPV solutions provider has held a celebration party in Santiago, Chile, celebrating the 3 years’ innovation success in Latam Region with 1GW deployment of its multi-point drive mechanism in tracker solution across the region. 

Arctech 2023 Chile Cocktail Party (PRNewsfoto/Arctech)

The event has been joined by over 50 clients of Arctech in the Latam region from IM2, Tritec Intervento, Flux Solar, Geom, iEnergia, SEPCO III (PowerChina) among others. 

Arctech has been actively increasing its presence in Chile since 2019 and later has become the first market to promote multi-point drive mechanism technology in Latam since 2020. After three years, the Chilean team has harvested the highest deployment rate of solar tracker solutions with the multi-point drive technology in the region at 75%. 

Arctech has pioneered the patented multi-point drive mechanism technology since 2019 and the signature technology has been spelled out throughout the entire product innovation history on its 1P pipeline Skyline II, 2P SkySmart II, and dual row pipeline SkyWings.

Arctech has been the first supplier that upgraded both its 2P and 1P tracker lines to a truly rigid design through an innovative “multi-drive” mechanism. These stiff trackers can safely stow horizontally, which is vital to lower the wind pressure onto the new large-format modules and prevent cracking and delamination. Stiff trackers also enable to increase the wind stow speed threshold and thus extend the operational wind speed range. These optimized stow parameters can also help prevent energy losses and increase energy generation and revenue to a considerable extent. 

In a case study designed for analyzing how solar trackers with the multi-point drive mechanism enable power generation in Texas, USA, SkyLine II allows for 1.6% higher annual energy collection, when compared with traditional trackers that stow at much lower wind speeds. For a typical plant, Capex and PPA pricing in the area was equivalent to an IRR increase of about 0.2% or $3M more in revenue throughout the life of the project.

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