Bootstrap startup, Hyperscale launches a groundbreaking Facebook ad performance tool to stop businesses from wasting millions of dollars on unprofitable ads

Innovative platform to disrupt the $65B digital ad industry by taking the guesswork out of fixing ads

TORONTO, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Facebook generates billions in ad revenue a year, yet businesses lose millions due to low ad performance. To put an end to losses, bootstrap startup Hyperscale launches as the first ad tool of its kind that tells companies exactly how to fix Facebook ads fast to supercharge growth.

Hyperscale was founded by two established experts in growth and data from Canada’s thriving tech startup scene in Toronto. The result is a powerful performance dashboard for all Facebook ads. In one platform, growth marketers don’t just see performance, they immediately get actionable insights to improve outcomes.

“Quickly distinguishing profitable ads from low-performing ads is the difference between making or wasting millions,” said Sean Hurley, Hyperscale co-founder and growth leader. “Hyperscale takes all the guesswork out of it, allowing companies spending over $50k a month to drive down CAC by 30% or even 40% within 30 days.”

The digital marketing software market is worth $65B. However, most digital ad tools provide data but not insights, leaving performance marketers to try to make sense of it all. Hyperscale offers a lens on the data so marketers know which ads to kill, double down on, and try next.

For the three million businesses that use Facebook ads to drive sales, unprofitable ads don’t just drive up customer acquisition costs (CAC), and drag down return on ad spend (ROAS), they can mean the difference between failing and surviving. For a startup, Series A or Series B company, they accelerate burn and shorten runway.

“As a cashback fundraising app that helps teams raise money for their cause, Facebook ads are a key part of our customer acquisition strategy. Hyperscale gives us the insight to root out the ads dragging down our ROAS and shift that spend to higher performing, higher potential ads,” said Amy Halpenny, CEO of FlipGive.

How Hyperscale works

Aside from losing money, growth marketers spend countless unprofitable and annoying hours trying to track down and correct Facebook ad problems. It can take months, or years to reach positive ROAS on Facebook ads where every dollar out can be directly attributed to a dollar in.

Hyperscale eliminates the pain with daily reports that highlight the most critical actions a growth marketer needs to take; halting low-performing ads, adjusting budget and distribution, replacing creative as it ages out, iterating on high-performing ads, and a dozen more actionable insights that help with everything from creative briefing and ideation to audience mapping.

Why Facebook ads?

With 2.9B monthly active users and an average conversion rate of 9.21%, Facebook is the lynchpin to most businesses‘ online ad strategy. The average mid-sized company spends $50,000 to $150,000+ on Facebook ads each month. Therefore, Facebook ads represent the most immediate opportunity for improvement.

Hyperscale’s actionable insights will be applied to other key growth marketing ad platforms in the future but the company is laser-focused on Facebook ads for the foreseeable future.

About the Hyperscale founders

Hyperscale was founded and self-funded by Sean Hurley and Evelyn Wainewright.

Sean Hurley has supercharged $600M+ in revenue for successful startups, Series A and Series B companies as a fractional CGO and CMO.

Evelyn Wainewright is a data expert who has founded and scaled data teams across North America. Together, they have three decades of experience analyzing social media ad data.

About Hyperscale

Hyperscale is the world’s first performance marketing ad tool that reduces customer acquisition costs with real-time recommendations to help companies stop losses sooner and scale wins faster. Hyperscale was founded in Toronto, Canada by in-demand performance marketing consultants, Sean Hurley and Evelyn Wainewright. With three decades of performance marketing experience combined, Hurley and Wainewright are sought after for their know-how in providing effective solutions. Together, they have created Hyperscale to eliminate the pain points of performance marketing with a powerful tool that transforms marketers into ad wizards and saves companies millions of dollars.

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