The newer, simpler Google Nest Thermostat is at is lowest price ever

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Simplify your energy use and save money with a brand new Google Nest programmable smart thermostat.

Save $30.01: The latest Google Nest programmable smart thermostat is at its best price ever for $99.98 at Walmart as of April 8. 

We all want to stay cool this summer, but it’s still important to stay on top of your energy use. A personal air conditioner might be all you need to beat the heat, or you can invest in a smart thermostat to really get your energy bill under control. And if you want an affordable option, few are better than the latest Google Nest Thermostat

Released in October of 2020, the new Google Nest Thermostat is now only $99.98 at Walmart. Listed for $129.99 up until now, the Nest Thermostat is 23% cheaper since its debut. While you save money now, you’ll also save plenty more after it upgrades your home’s heating and cooling system. 

The Nest Thermostat is intended as a simpler and more affordable option to the Google Nest Learning Thermostat. Installation usually takes about 30 minutes with steps provided through the Google Home app, but make sure to start with the Google Nest compatibility checker to make sure you have the correct connections. With setup complete, use the app to program a schedule and make adjustments anywhere. It knows to turn itself down when you leave the home, or you can adjust the temperature remotely with the app or by manually swiping the touch bar.

Want even easier controls? Just use voice commands through any compatible Google Nest Hub or smart speaker to adjust the thermostat. It also uses the Savings Finder feature to suggest other settings to help save more energy. It even monitors your HVAC system to send out maintenance reminders or even alerts if something doesn’t seem right. If you take advantage of every feature, Nest claims to help save up to 12% on heating and 15% on cooling for the average user. 

That works out to some big savings in the long run, so a $30 discount right now on a new Nest Thermostat seems pretty worthwhile. 

The newer, simpler Google Nest Thermostat is at is lowest price ever

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