This 4TB hard drive is $20 off and will work with your PlayStation 5

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SAVE $20: The WD Black P10 4TB game drive is $20 off at Amazon — it works with current-gen consoles, as well as your PC.

Since the PlayStation 5 launched in late 2020, it’s been extremely hard to get one (and still is). The masses seem to love the console (at least, those who were lucky enough to score one), but many are willing to admit that it’s nowhere near perfect. One issue, in particular, is that the PS5 doesn’t allow the external storing of PlayStation 5 games, creating a constant struggle to budget useable space on the box’s onboard memory. That is, until now. 

Sony announced earlier this week that today, April 14, would see the PlayStation 5’s first major software update, which will fix some of those storage issues (among other things). PS5 titles still can’t be played when not stored within the console’s onboard memory, but they can now be stored on external hard drives, allowing for easy switching when you’re ready to play as opposed to deleting games when you run out of space. That means it’s about time you get an external hard drive, and this WD Black 4TB game drive is a great choice — it’s also $20 off.

We probably don’t have to tell you this, but 4TB is a whole lot of storage, which means it’ll be a pretty long while before you find yourself filling it up. The compact WD Black P10 is super convenient for gamers who need a little extra space — all you need to do is connect it to your console via USB (it’s compatible with all Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as PCs), go through the initial setup, and you’re good to go. You can swap from console to console as you please, and even play certain games straight from the hard drive without having to move them over to onboard memory. 

If you’re running out of console space, we couldn’t recommend getting an external hard drive enough — pick up a 4TB WD Black P10 game drive at Amazon and save $20.

This 4TB hard drive is $20 off and will work with your PlayStation 5

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